CASA (Assurance of Learning Center)

The Assurance of Learning Center was created on the basis of the School’s ten-year experience in assessment and in understanding the student’s learning process and ensuring its quality. The center aims to monitor and follow the students learning process by supporting the School’s academic programs and ensuring that learning goals are achieved.



  • To help and guide the academic programs in the development of the Assurance of Learning System.
  • To support the fulfillment of the program’s learning goals.
  • To follow up on the continuous improvement and action plans that guarantee academic programs' quality
  • To strengthen and develop a culture of Assurance of Learning (AoL) within the School´s faculty members, students and academic program directors.


What is Assurance of Learning (AoL)?

Assurance of Learning is the process that assesses the alignment among the mission, vision, values, and principles of the School of Management with the programs and the students in terms of learning. That is, how students are learning what the program has established in their exit profiles. The entire assessment program requires a focus on the competences and skills developed throughout the program. For example, verbal and written communication, critical thinking, teamwork, and decision making are competencies and skills that are developed during the Academic Programs.



Why is the AoL important for the School of Management at Universidad de los Andes?

The School of Management at Universidad de los Andes has focused for more than a decade on ensuring a culture of quality and continuous improvement in all academic programs and in our students. We are interested in ensuring that they have the knowledge, skills, and attitudes they needed to succeed and are valued by employers.


What is the impact of the AoL?

impacto AOL ING 

How is the AoL designed in an academic program? Or How is it done?

AOL programa academico ING

How does the student / alumni benefit from AoL?

Our alumni at the School of Management develop different knowledge and skills that contribute to successful job performance and positively impact society. Thus, through training in transversal skills, graduates will be able to work collaboratively, make sound decisions, communicate effectively, and interact with people from other cultures and perspectives. Also, graduates will develop skills necessary to perform satisfactorily in their discipline.

The above is possible, due to the AoL system guaranteeing that the programs are in continuous improvement, following up the students' learning and implementing pedagogical strategies that contribute to the accomplishment of the learning goals and objectives. In addition, students are active agents in their learning process and know the skills they will develop in the during of their program.

General Contact Info

  • Sonia Bernal – Jefe del Centro de Aseguramiento del Aprendizaje

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  • Silvana Pisciotti – Gestora Pedagógica

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  • Luis Felipe Jiménez – Gestor Pedagógico

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  • Alejandra García – Asistente Administrativa

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