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Why Universidad de los Andes School of Management?

  • Accredited academic excellence.
  • A diverse, excellent faculty(52 full-time professors of which 34 hold a PhD).
  • An opportunity to study with researchers who have studied the Colombian situation closely.
  • Exposure to a variety of international activities (visits of professors from renowned universities worldwide, the International Summer School, exchange programs, dual degrees, international competitions).
  • Access to state of the art infrastructure.
  • A great opportunity to experience a vibrant city like Bogota.

What can I study?


The undergraduate is an 8-semester program (college level) that offers the principal foundations of management and business administration. It develops self-learning skills, analysis, synthesis and decision making skills. Students who aspire to this professional degree acquire a functional business administration knowledge combined with that of global organization management.

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Graduate programs

Our portfolio offers a wide variety of programs ranging from the one-year specializations to the master’s programs and the PhD. All of these are known for their high academic standards and the application of administrative and management issues to the reality of national and international businesses.