General Information

The Office of Project Development and Research -ODPI is the meeting point with the public and private sector for the development of research and consulting projects directed by our professors and researchers.

The projects that we lead aim at the development of sustainable businesses and the progress of the country, and combine all the expertise of a multidisciplinary team.

ODPI brings the experience developed by the Center for Strategy and Competitiveness, CEC (2002-2017) whose objective was to focus on the following areas: strategy, competitiveness and clusters, innovation, entrepreneurship, supply chain management, distribution and inclusive business, and environmental and sustainable development.

The ODPI main services are:

  • Identification and dissemination of project funding opportunities.
  • Support in the preparation and presentation of project proposals
  • Management and execution of research and/or consultancy projects.
  • Definition and implementation of dissemination strategies.

Projects supported by ODPI

  • Those that promote sustainable development and innovation.
  • Those that strengthen the links of the Faculty with public and private companies, and contribute to the solution of problems that are relevant to them.
  • Those that include both the participation of external consultants, Faculty and students.