Implemented Research and Consultancy Projects with External Funding (2018-2020)

Esenttia's marketing I and IIarrow

Objective: consultancy to define the orientation and structure of the marketing functions of Esenttia S.A.

Funding: Esenttia S. A.

Duration: 5 months (December 2019 - April 2020)

Project manager: Ana Lucía Ricaurte,

Objective: consultancy to review and diagnose of the marketing function at Esenttia S.A.

Funding: Esenttia S. A.

Duration: 3 months (July 2019 - October 2019)

Director: Ana Lucía Ricaurte,

Eco-industrial park development and associated assessmentsarrow

Objective: Expert services on eco-industrial park development and associated assessments.

Client: United Nations Industrial Development Organization (UNIDO), Austria

Duration: 8 months (November 2019 - June 2020)

Project Director: Bart van Hoof,

Coffee growing women's enterprises in Popayanarrow

Objective: opportunities and barriers for the capture of value in the enterprises of women coffee growers in the Popayan Plateau.

Funding: WWB Research Foundation

Duration: 12 months (August 2019 - August 2020)

Director: Andrés Barrios,

Sustainable Consumption in Latin Americaarrow

Objective: Promoting sustainable consumption in Latin America through consumer information and product design in Colombia.

Funding: United nations Environment Program-UNEP

Duration: 18 months (June 2019 – November 2020)

Director: Carlos Trujillo,

Willingness to Pay for Increased Visibility in Trucking Operationsarrow

Objective: to contribute to the generation of knowledge on the supply chain and land transport in Latin America and the Caribbean, thereby increasing awareness in the public and private sectors of the benefits of adopting information and communication technologies to improve the performance of the supply chain.

The project has an interdisciplinary and international team of professors from the School of Management at the Universidad de los Andes (Colombia), the Florida Institute of Technology (USA) and the Center for Transportation and Logistics at the Universidad Andrés Bello (Chile).

Funding: Inter-American Development Bank (IDB)

Duration: 11 months (February - December 2019)

Director: Gordon Wilmsmeier,

Private Financing Mechanisms, Andean Forest Programarrow

Objective: to identify and systematize the opportunities offered by the various mechanisms and instruments available to promote sustainability in value chains in the AFOLU sector (agriculture, forestry and other land uses), from the private sphere in the context of Andean forests.

Funding(s): Consortium for the Development of the Andean Ecoregion (CONDESAN)

Duration: 5 months (December 2018 - May 2019)

Director: Ximena Rueda,

Advice on strategic transformation for Fedearrozarrow

Objective: to carry out an analysis and strategic design of the Federation's brands, through a participatory and collaborative process with emphasis on marketing and service experience issues.

Funding: National Rice Growers Federation (Fedearroz)

Duration: 4 months (February - June 2019)

Director: Juan Carlos Flechas,

Measuring the impact of the Teatro Mayor Julio Mario Santodomingoarrow

Objective: to establish a methodology to measure the impact of the Julio Mario Santodomingo Theatre, through the artistic activities it carries out as part of its institutional mission.

Funding: Teatro Mayor Julio Mario Santodomingo

Duration: 5 months (March - August 2019)

Director: Jaime Ruiz,

Innopiangua: Sustainable value chains in artisanal fisheriesarrow

Objective: to improve the sustainability of the value chains of artisanal fisheries products and their market value, combining technological innovation, alternative market strategies and logistics on the Pacific coast.

Co-funding: Innpulsa Colombia

Duration: 18 months (October 2018-April 2020)

Director: Gordon Wilmsmeier,

Measuring impacts of market-based approaches to conservationarrow

Objective: Measuring impacts of market-based approaches to conservation.

Funding: The Meridian Institute

Duration: 5 months (Jan 2018 – June 2018)

Director: Ximena Rueda,

Impact measurement of the Heros Fest Festivalarrow

Objective: to join efforts between the parties, in order to evaluate the impact of the Heroes Fest festival on behavioral and psychosocial aspects of the entrepreneur. To conceptually and methodologically design the evaluation of the 2018 version of the Festival according to the variables of interest defined jointly and, to advance the actions required for the effective implementation of the evaluation design.

Funding: Fiducoldex - iNNpulsa Colombia

Duration: 8 months (November 2018 - June 2019)

Director: Carlos Trujillo,

Secuoya Programmearrow

Objective: to accompany the entity through the realization of diagnostics, workshops, coaching and events, in the development of the Secouya Program, which seeks to transform the management style through the improvement of human talent.

Funding: Trade Alliance Corporation (TAC)

Duration: 48 months (December 2018 to December 2022)

Director: Paula Rozo,

Financial education for COOMEVA: design a training program in personal finance.arrow

Objective: to design, develop and implement a program on financial education, directed to Coomeva's associates, clients and users of the companies that conform its business group, with the purpose of contributing to the achievement of the following corporate objectives: construction of community; confidence; solidarity and mutual support; strategy of long term relationship; change (improvement) in the well-being of the associate; fidelity; changes of behavior; and, new associates.

Funding: Coomeva

Duration: 9 months (December 2018- September 2019)

Director: Santiago Rodríguez,

Strategic Transformation Consultancyarrow

Objective: to define a strategy, to identify the decisions and renunciations necessary to carry it out and to define the milestones to reach, based on the recognition of the challenges and opportunities presented.

Funder(s): Frayco SAS

Duration: 4 months (November 2018- March 2019)

Director: Rafael Vesga,

Sustainable Enterprise Network-CAR, (RedES-CAR, phase VI)​arrow

Objective: To unite efforts between the Corporation and the University of the Andes for the development and application of educational tools tending to promote in the productive sector of the Jurisdiction of the CAR, strategies for the sustainable productive chain and the environmental recognition, developed in the framework of the Policy of Production and Sustainable Consumption.

Co-funding: Regional Autonomous Corporation (CAR)

Duration: 12 months (January 2019 - Januaryr 2020)

Director: Bart van Hoof,

Organizational decision-making processesarrow

Objective: Intervention in organizational decision-making processes using behavioral economics tools.

Funding: Davivienda Brokers

Duration. 10 months ( January-November 2018)

Director: Director: Carlos Trujillo,

Sustainable Businesses Network -REDES and Sustainable Agribusiness Model- MAS in Buenaventura arrow

Objective: to implement in Buenaventura, Colombia, the Sustainable Businesses Network -REDES and the Sustainable Agribusiness Model- MAS. For REDES activities will be carried out to structure a production chain for each of the priority sectors in the city. This chain will have at least one anchor company (company or association that groups together several supplier companies, associates or clients) and 8 to 20 suppliers. For MAS, the technical and business capacities of a group of producers and actors in the cocoa production chain will be strengthened through training workshops, and a commercial strategy will be developed for the chain that will include a market study, the identification of possible allies, and the design and implementation of the strategy.


Duration: 8 months (April- December 2019)

Director: Bart van Hoof,

Methodology review in customer satisfaction with the different service channelsarrow

Objective: Review of the methodology applied by Davivienda in determining the level of customer satisfaction with the different service channels.

Funding: Davivienda Bank

Duration: 1 months (April-May 2018)

Director: Jose Miguel Ospina,

Development of enterprises in demobilization zonesarrow

Objective: to design, develop and implement a methodology that promotes peace agents in areas of armed conflict, using the entrepreneurial method. Through this applied research we seek to form and accompany entrepreneurial processes, individually and collectively.

Funding: Colciencias - Newton Fund.

Duration: 18 months (December 2018 - June 2020)

Director: Andrés Barrios,

Financial good practices on people´s wellbeingarrow

Objective: investigation is about the effect of individual characteristics, household and family characteristics, income, saving and borrowing behavior and financial good practices on people´s well-being. 

Funding: BBVA Bank

Duration: 12 months ( June 2018- June 2019)

Catalina Estrada,

Effect of exclusion and removal from payment for environmental services (PES) programs in Colombiaarrow

Objective: to implement a donation experiment and a survey in the region of Cundinamarca, in order to address the effect of exclusion and removal from payment for environmental services (PES) programs in Colombia.

Funding: University of Innsbruck

Duration: 8 months (November 2018 - June 2019)

Director: María Alejandra Vélez,

Salary gap of graduates of administration programsarrow

Objective: to characterize the aspects associated with the greater or lesser salary gap by gender of graduates from Administration programs in different departments of Colombia. The study will be conducted in two parts: in the first, secondary sources will be used, based on data on graduates from the Labour Observatory for Education (OLE) of the Ministry of National Education. For the second part, a survey will be carried out to determine fundamental aspects that cannot be determined with OLE data, such as type of education received, knowledge gap or salary level.

Funding: Consejo Profesional de Administración de Empresas (CPAE)

Duration: 12 months (December 2018 to December 2019)

Director: Luis Diaz Matajira,