Projects with External Funding 2020

Strategic prospective to shape Vestolit's future – MEXICHEMarrow

Objective: to provide advice and support to strengthen strategic thinking by scenarios in the Vestolit team, through the formulation of possible futures and the construction of organizational responses through its value networks.

Funding: Mexichem Resinas Colombia S.A.S,

Duration: (18/08/2020 - 22/12/2020) 4 months

Director: Juan Carlos Montes Joya -


Assistance to agricultural companies in Nariño and Cauca to increase their product quality and safety - COLOMBIA PRODUCTIVAarrow

Objective: to advice and support to companies in the specialty coffee, fruit, cocoa, aquaculture and dairy sectors in the Cauca and Nariño regions, identifying sanitary conditions and requirements, with the purpose of improving quality and safety standards.

 Funding: Fiducoldex - Colombia Productiva

Duration: (10/08/2020 - 10/05/2021) 9 months

Director: Bart van Hoof -


Strengthening Eco-Industrial Parks – ONUDI arrow

Objective: to provide various services for the mainstrimings of Eco-Industrial Parks (EIP´s) at national scale to strgethen the cohesion of national institutions in the development of a national EPI framework in Colombia.

 Funding: United Nations Industrial Development Organization-UNIDO

Duration: (6/08/2020 - 15/12/2020) 4 months

Director: Bart van Hoof -


Evaluation and Promotion of Wellbeing at the Universidad de los Andesarrow

Objective: to define a baseline in subjective wellbeing and contextual variables of organizational behavior with the professors and employees of the University. This baseline will allow for periodic monitoring and proposing a pilot intervention with a group of employees in moments of social isolation, and the design and implementation of strategies to promote wellbeing within the University.

 Funding: University of the Andes

Duration: (15/07/2020 - 28/02/2021) 7 months

Director: Eduardo Wills Herrera -

Other Uniandes’ professors involved: Sonia Carrillo, Department of Psychology


Analysis of the institutional structure of the port sector in Colombia - MinTransportearrow

Objective: to join efforts between the parties to articulate knowledge aimed at the institutional framework of the Colombian port sector, which will allow the strengthening of the Colombian port authority oriented to the growth of foreign trade, transshipment, cabotage and cargo and all the cargo and passenger services that can be provided by Colombian ports.

Funder: Ministerio de Transporte

Duration: (30/06/2020 - 30/11/2020) 5 months

Director: Gordon Wilmsmeier -

Other Uniandes’ professors involved: Sebastian Leon Schorch, Juan Carlos Montes


Study for the revision of the customer satisfaction´s statistical model - Banco Daviviendaarrow

Objective: to review the methodology developed by the School of Management in 2018, today applied by Davivienda, in determining the level of customer satisfaction with the different service channels.

 Financier: Davivienda Bank

Duration: (28/05/2020 - 30/06/2020) 1 month

Director: José Miguel Ospina Silva -


Analysis of the coordination of significant systemic change in the Colombian health system in response to COVID-19 – MINCIENCIASarrow

Objective: The coronavirus (COVID-19) is posing a major and unprecedented challenge to health care planning and delivery across international health systems. This nationally funded study analyzes the Colombian health system's response to the Covid-19 pandemic, based on qualitative case studies of three local health systems within the country. The approach will be based on the concept of 'significant systemic change', or coordinated change among a variety of health system organizations and other relevant stakeholders, with the objective of identifying processes that enable and inhibit the adaptation of health services to the challenges presented by Covid-19. The study will gather information on capacity "bottlenecks" as well as successful practices and forms of innovation that have emerged locally, which have the potential to be "scaled up" in Colombia's health services.

For study updates, follow us @MSC_COVID19 or visit our website:

Funding: Ministerio de Ciencia, Tecnología e Innovación

Duration: (11/05/2020 - 10/01/2021) 8 months

Director: Simon James William Turner -


PAREX Academic Case - Supply Chain and Corporate Social Responsibilityarrow

Objective: to join efforts to make an academic case for the issues of supply chain and corporate social responsibility.


Duration: (6/03/2020 - 5/12/2020) 9 months

Director: Nubia Milena Velasco Rodríguez -

Other Uniandes’ professors involved: Juana García-Duque, Luz Elena Orozco


Characterization of the urban transport system in Colombia – UNABarrow

Objective: to establish an action framework to promote the relationship of collaboration, cooperation and mutual assistance between UNIANDES and UNAB to development the project" "Characterization of the urban transport system in Colombia -Cities Bogotá. Medellín, Cartagena, and Buenaventura". Proyectos en ejecución - ODPI (2)

Funding: Andres Bello University and Los Andes University

Duration: (21/2/2020 - 21/2/2022) - 2 years

Director: Gordon Wilmsmeier -

Other Uniandes’ professors involved: Carlos Eduardo Hernández Castillo


Promoting Sustainable Consumption in Latin America through Consumer Information and Product Design in Colombia (Amendment) – UNEParrow

Objective: the project is developed by the Ministry of Environment and Sustainable Development, and in its extended phase, will continue strengthening the initial objectives:

- Strengthen public and private institutions in the development, implementation and management of consumer information tools.

-Promote sustainable consumption and lifestyles among consumers and the use of consumer information tools that facilitate informed decision making.

-Increase the capacity and knowledge of the private sector to improve design and production processes from a sustainability perspective, and communicate accurate information on the sustainable attributes of products.

Funding: United Nations Environment Programme-UNEP

Duration: (1/01/2020 - 30/10/2020) 10 months

Director: Carlos Andres Trujillo Valencia - ctrujill@uniandes

Other Uniandes’ professors involved: Andrés Guerrero