Who are we?


Felipe Estrada Prada leads the CE in supporting entrepreneurs and building entrepreneurial culture and community at the University.


Entrepreneur Support Specialist

Stefanía Modesto Polo designs and implements the entrepreneur support system to promote the development of high impact entrepreneurs.


Community and Culture Specialist

Eliana Rodriguez designs and implements mechanisms that promote changes in mindset and strengthen the entrepreneurial culture of the Uniandes Community.


The CE works closely with faculty to develop new insights on the entrepreneurial process. They are:



The activities of the CE would not be possible without the support of the dedicated mentors that advise our entrepreneurs and help them in their journey. They are:

  • Ángela Martinez
  • Laura Vargas
  • Sandra Perez
  • David Palacios
  • Julio Mario Camacho
  • Carlos Rodriguez
  • Ricardo Pinilla
  • Alan Wagenberg
  • Elkin Garavito
  • Alan Colmenares
  • Juan Carlos Martinez
  • Héctor Acuña
  • Andrés Cruz