General Information

General Information

Who We Are

The Center for Strategy and Competitiveness - CEC is the channel through which the School of Management at the Universidad de los Andes maintains a relationship with the broader community and business sector by offering services that go beyond academic training. The Center continuously looks for ways to improve the greater good of society, seeking balance and integration between the economic and social dimensions.

The Center operates in different areas of management, with special focus on the following areas: strategy, competitiveness and clusters; innovation and entrepreneurship; supply chain management: operations, logistics and service management; the environment and sustainable development; social initiatives; and public policy and monitoring strategic aspects of the country; as well as other issues related to different areas of management.

The Center for Strategy and Competitiveness is comprised of renowned professors from the School and professionals from various disciplines. This multidisciplinary team has extensive experience in issues related to cluster competitiveness, free trade agreements, business strategy, and internal agendas.

Eric Fernando Rodríguez
Dean, School of Management

Martha Cecilia Rodríguez D.
Director,Center for Strategy and Competitiveness

Eliana Amelia Cruz Barón
Project Manager

Andrea Ramírez

For more information, please contact us at (57-1) 339 4949 ext. 1175 - 3126 or write us at

The Uniandes Difference

The CEC distinguishes itself from other centers that work in programs similar to those found in the CEC’s portfolio in the following ways:

  • The conception of management with a general vision
  • Our view of competitiveness from a macro focus, starting from the company
  • The focus on programs aligned with a vision of competitiveness understood as productivity
  • The quality of our products and services
  • Ourteam
  • The experience developed through programs and projects undertaken by the CEC and shared by members of our team
  • Our deep knowledge of regional competitiveness
  • The quality of our customer service