Programs and services


The Center works primarily with programs in the following areas:

Strategy/Innovation, including:

  • Strategy, competitiveness, and clusters
  • Innovation and entrepreneurship
  • Public policy and monitoring strategic aspects of the country
  • IESO – Social Initiatives
  • Organizations

Improving productivity, which covers:

  • Supply Chain Management: Operations, Logistics, and Service Management


The environment and environmentally sustainable development, including:

  • Cleaner production

Products and Services

In order to help you attain your objectives, the CEC offers the following products and services:

  • Research
  • Consulting and support that generate knowledge and value
  • Publications related to the work of the CEC
  • Forums and events

The work of the CEC does not include the following activities:

  • Projects involving only training
  • Consulting that does not generate value or knowledge for the School