Corporate projects and support

Corporate projects and support

Relations with companies, public and private organizations, and the third sector are strategically strengthened through initiatives, projects, and services designed to improve the level of closeness and collaboration between students, alumni, faculty, businesses, and organizations.This enhances the value proposition by leveraging the interests, characteristics, and strengths of each stakeholder. The creation of synergy between the different participants and departmental resources is sought in order to achieve a whole that is greater than the sum of its parts.

There are various other activities aimed at developing corporate relations, including those listed below.


Students in the School of Management at the Universidad de los Andes, through the Consultandes program, provide consulting services toestablished companies that have specific needs that can be resolved within a four-month period.

This program serves a unique dual function: it simultaneously allows undergraduate business students who are in their final semesters and MBA and MGA students to develop their practical consulting skills, while giving companies access to consulting services shaped by the expertise of the Universidad de los Andes.

The program hinges on mutual agreement between the company, which must be willing to share information necessary for students to be able to do their work, and students, who commit topresenting the client with a high-quality and useful project.Its management model, applied methodology, and reputation are what fundamentally differentiates this program and gives it its competitive advantage.

The added value of the methodology of the Consultandes management consulting program can be seen in its effectiveness in the comprehensive formation of managers. Over the years, the program has established a reputation among the organizations connected to the School for itsexcellence and meaningful contributions to their development. Consultandes has also become a way for students to showcase their skills in a professional environment, which has led to the generation of job opportunities and positioning of graduates in the labor market.

 “This space, created as part of the undergraduate curriculum, gives students a taste of the professional world, which eases their transition from the academic world to the working world,” says Vinciane Servantie, director of Consultandes and one of the program’s professors.

Inaugurated in January 2006, Consultandes is renowned for the high quality of its consulting services rendered through its unique educational model. Serving approximately 80 clients each year (businesses, government institutions, NGOs), the working groups of Consultandes help them improve their performance thanks to an “outside-in” approach that lets them see past their own internal perspectives.

Each consulting project is developed over the course of a semester, during which time the company and student group, with guidance from School faculty who draw on expertise in a wide variety of areas, develop, structure, and consolidate strategies and solutions that address the company’s specific needs.

Each semester, Consultandes invites interested companies and organizations to fill out an application form. Companies with the appropriate profile to receive consulting services from the program are then selected.

Consultandes’ services focus on areas such as marketing, finance, management, logistics, and operations. Depending on the client’s needs, the program may produce marketing plans, pre-feasibility studies, new business strategies, assessments of the viability of new business units, cost systems analysis and structuring, operational plans, or implementation plans for new technologies or quality systems, among other services.

To date, Consultandes has completed 488 projects (an average of 33 per semester) for 364 companies, with 1,920 students from the School of Management participating in recent years. Clients include small, medium, and large organizations from the private, public, and nonprofit spheres.

To learn more about Consultandes, email us at or visit us at:

“Call for businesses, first semester of 2016”

Current Events Forums 

A monthly space provided by the School for top speakers from the business and government spheres to discuss issues relevant to the current business climate and of interest to the community of students and alumni of its graduate programs. Both the presentation and interaction of the participants with the speaker contribute to a better understanding of the environment faced by organizations, constituting a new continuous learning experience for the community.

Entrepreneur in Residence Program

This program brings inexperienced entrepreneurs to advise and support students who are interested in starting companies. The real-world insights of the entrepreneurs are also of great benefit for the teaching and research topics of the School’s professors. This one-of-a-kind program allows entrepreneurs to contribute their valuable knowledge and experience, thus enhancing business school learning with real applicability in the Colombian environment.

Agribusiness and Food Industry – ANeIA
ANeIA is a community of business owners, government officials, professors, students, and alumni of the School of Management at the Universidad de los Andes interested in the study of businesses, organizations, programs and projects, policies, localities, and regions related to agribusiness and the food industry.

If you are interested in joining our virtual ANeIA community,send us an email at

Visit the website of ANEIA.


TheRedES-CAR Sustainable Business Network program aims to generate productive transformation in supply chains made up of large companies and their SME suppliers. This public-private partnership allows companies to improve their competitiveness and environmental performance through the support of the CorporaciónAutónoma Regional-CAR, the Universidad de los Andes, and other allied institutions.

Visit the official website of RedES-CAR.


In order to continuously grow and improve, the School of Management depends on various sources of funding to be used for academic purposes and for the benefit of the Uniandes community. One primary source of funding is donations.
Making a donation to the Universidad de los Andes results in direct support to professional high-level education in the country and to the training of future leaders. This act of solidarity is also tax-deductible (Article 125). To find your tax deduction, click here.

Your donation helps us:

  • Guarantee a positive impact on the country
  • Continue to offer education characterized by the highest standards of quality and provide excellence independent of students’ financial ability
  • Promote a culture of philanthropy in the Uniandes community with regard to the particular needs of students on scholarships, institutional priorities, and the economic and social problems of the country

Below are some of the needs your donation may be used to meet:

For students

  • Scholarships for the Quiero Estudiar program for undergraduate Business and International Accounting students
  • Scholarshipsfor MBA students
  • Scholarships for students in the Doctoral and Master of Research in Management programs

For academic support

  • Facultychairs
  • Scholarshipsfor doctoral students

For infrastructure

  • Classrooms and equipment
  • Teachingmaterials and databases
  • Centers for support and applied research such as the Center for Entrepreneurship and the CEC

Your support is valuable and essential in order to continue to ensure the fulfillment of the University’s objectives.
On behalf of all beneficiaries and the University, we appreciate your contribution.

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