Entrepreneurship Center

The Entrepreneurship Center (CE) at UASM helps members of the Uniandes Community, composed of Universidad de los Andes students, alumni, faculty, and staff, to develop and implement high impact ventures.

High impact ventures, in the context of the CE, are defined as those that have a clear potential for growth and that stand out for their innovation and the ambition and capacity of their entrepreneurial teams in managing risk.

To achieve this, the team at the CE has developed the following formula, which summarizes our approach:

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Individuals are the basic units from which ventures are built. However, a single individual rarely has all the skills and capabilities necessary to create a high impact venture. He or she must seek others and build a team that can face the challenges that will arise along the way. In order to create a successful venture, the team must also develop a strong business model that supports the creation and exchange of value with the market. In order to replicate and scale said model, the team must turn to investors and speak to them in their own language, thus creating a culture of investment.

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