Open Enrollment Program

Open Enrollment Program

Open Enrollment Program

Our open enrollment courses allow executives and managers to explore specific topics in depth. Through rich learning environments that place special emphasis on relationship building, these courses expose students to different ways of thinking and innovative management tools.

All courses are taught in Spanish. 

In addition to our regular open enrollment courses, the School offers a separate program especially for CEOs. Click here to learn more.


  • Executive Management

Courses geared toward company presidents, CEOs, and board members who wish to develop their personal leadership and overall strategic management.

  • Strategic Business Management

Courses geared toward top-level managers of public and private entities who seek to strengtthen their knowledge and abilities in order to better tackle the challenges of today’s highly globalized, competitive, and dynamic business environment.

  • Middle-Level Management and Small-Business Management

Courses geared toward middle managers and managers of small- and medium-scale enterprises who seek to strengthen their skills in distinct areas of management.

  • Refresher Courses on Management

Short courses aimed at various levels of management who are in need of cutting-edge training and information on cutting edge-issues.

  • Enterprise Support

Courses organized via the School’s Center for Entrepreneurship that seek to strengthen the skills of the various actors engaged in the entrepreneurship ecosystem, including entrepreneurs, mentors, and investors.

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>> Download the program brochure (in Spanish)

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