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What will participants get out of this program?

Participants will learn to manage the risks affecting their strategy and objectives in an environment of volatility and rapid change. They will understand that the sustainability of a company is determined by how it manages that uncertainty, allowing it to anticipate and prepare for possible negative events or favorable opportunities.


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Start Date and Duration

Next start date: first semester of 2016

Duration: The program consists of 20 hours, on-site.

Program Objective

To teach how to design a business risk management model that generates added value through an effective process of identification, quantification, and reporting of risks, as well as adequate organization and distribution of roles

Who is this program aimed at?

Managers and professionals responsible for identifying, measuring, and controlling business risk who seek a global vision of their role


This course is designed to be hands-on. The first sessions are dedicated to theoretical knowledge of the basic concepts of risk and analysis of the major standards of risk management worldwide. The application of a risk government framework in a company will be described through real-life cases of businesses, with different models and organizational risk-related roles described as well.

Program Modules

  • International and Local Context of Risk Management
  • Analysis of the Main International Standards: ISO 31000 “Risk Management - Principles and Techniques”
  • Government Framework: Governmental Roles and Bodies and Risk Committees
  • Design and Implementation of Strategic Risk Management Processes


  • Bogotá