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Noticias Silla Corona 2016

Feature News

Emmanuel Lazega is currently a faculty member at the Institut d’Etudes Politiques de Paris and a member of the Centre de Sociologie des Organisations at SciencePo. His research focuses on organizational and social networks analysis as a means to explain collective action. He holds a PhD in economic and social sciences from the University of Geneva (1988) and has been active academically for at least 30 years.

Profesora del Centro de Estudios Históricos de El Colegio de México desde 2014. Es doctora en historia de la Universidad de Harvard (1999).

Faultlines are the structures of diversity that cause strong subgroups, within organizations. The knowledge about those patterns of diversity can teach us how people with different demographic characteristics can influence the way conflict and interactions are perceived and engaged in.

The modern industrialized world is founded on an unsustainable economy: industries extract natural resources, manufacturers process them into products that retailers sell, consumers use them and ultimately produce trash. Developing and implementing an alternative system is the biggest challenge to mankind. So is there a solution?

In traditional economic theory, greed has been considered a driver of growth, a trait correlated to ambition that ever since the industrial revolution has led to wealth and innovation. On the other hand, Christianity has condemned it; Hinduism regards it as bad karma; Islam and Judaism scorn it because it leads to acquisition at the expense of others.


Transmitir un comercial de televisión de 30 segundos durante el evento deportivo más visto del mundo, el Super Bowl, o campeonato de fútbol americano, tiene un costo de 5 millones de dólares. Por eso, el profesor e investigador Charles Ray Taylor, de la Universidad de Villanova (Filadelfia, EEUU), explica que esto “puede ser un desperdicio de dinero enorme o una oportunidad de mercadeo fabulosa”. Pero, ¿Qué tanto aportan esas transmisiones al valor de una marca?

Dr. Robin Leichenko, professor and Chair of the Department of Geography at Rutgers University and Co-Director of the Rutgers Climate Institute,visited the School to talk about resilience to climate change. This term—that has been widely used in psychology, ecology and social sciences—has been defined as “the ability to recover from shocks and stresses.” It is a broad definition, but a powerful idea to understand and deal with climate change, a phenomenon that puts a great variety of human activities and assets at risk.

David Roca, Ph.D en Comunicación Masiva de la Universidad de Indiana, presentó el pasado martes 26 de enero un experimento hecho en España para averiguar si había discriminación de género entre 90 directores creativos de distintas agencias de publicidad a la hora de seleccionar trabajos. Este es el primer seminario de la serie Silla Corona 2016.