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May 26, 2017


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The effect of Eco-certifications on reducing deforestation

Every year, renowned professors and academic researchers from prestigious international universities are invited to the Universidad de los Andes School of Management with the purpose of generating knowledge, strengthening good practices between colleagues and developing new trends in the different areas of management and research. This kind of interaction also pursues to extend the international perspective of the students and faculty.

Due to the “Corona Chair Program”, students and faculty from the School of Management have the chance of sharing knowledge and experiences in specific fields of management.

During this Corona Chair, Allen Blackman, Economic Advisor in Climate Change and Sustainable Development Sector of the Inter-American Development Bank, got together with at least 30 colleagues interested in understanding the details about his research on Eco-certifications and deforestation in Mexico.

According to María Alejandra Vélez, professor of the School of Management, Allen Blackman "is one of the most important researchers in Environmental Economics (...) and is in the frontier knowledge of this area".

Allen Blackman is graduated with Cum Laude in Political Science and International Relations from the University of Pennsylvania and obtained his PhD in Economics at the University of Texas.

During his stay in Colombia Mr. Blackman was gratefully surprised of "how much Uniandes has grown, physically and also in terms of the research emphasis on environmental and natural recourses use." He also recognizes that he is looking forward to working with some colleagues from Uniandes and making some research in the country.

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