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August 9, 2017


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During the last Corona Chair Program, the School invited Kenneth Mølbjerg Jørgensen, Professor MSO of Organizational Learning at the Social Science School at Aalborg University in Denmark and guest professor at Stockholm Business School, Stockholm University.

Professor Jørgensen has an interesting and ample experience in topics that are relevant to the organizations area, such as leadership and ethics. His contribution is specifically focused in storytelling in relation to business ethics and to leadership development.

The international expert exposed the results of one of his most recent research about understanding how people enact their subjectivities in organizations. Also shared experiences with the faculty members through diverse meetings at the School.

UASM's assistant professor Margarita Canal, who has worked with professor Jørgensen before, assured that his visit contributes “to the development of the School of Management through activities like the workshop in which Professor Jørgensen and his wife Paola Valero (professor at Stockholm University) shared some of their experiences using problem-based learning (PBL) as part of Management Education courses".

Professor Jørgensen also came to the School to continue working with Margarita Canal on some paper about the potential of self-reflection as a learning tool for Management Education. Besides, the professor gave lectures and held meetings with the area members as well as with those colleagues interested in discussing their work with him.

During the visit, Margarita Canal and Professor Jørgensen agreed to work together on a book, which is going to have the collaboration of different faculty from the Organizations Area and with some other professors from Europe and South Africa.

Professor Jørgensen’s visit, shows the School of Management's efforts of strengthening good practices between colleagues and developing new trends in the different areas of teaching and research in management.

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