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August 29, 2017


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Once more, UASM held another Corona Chair Program, a well-known forum that receives prestigious professors and academic researchers from leading universities around the world.

On this ocassion, the school invited Manfred Schwaiger, Professor of Business Administration, head of the Institute of Market-Based Management and Dean of Studies at Munich School of Management in Ludwig-Maximilians- University.

During his career, professor Schwaiger has studied Return on Marketing, Corporate Reputation, Corporate Communications, and Consumer Insights as well as Market Research.

As part of the Corona Chair´s Seminar, profesor Schwaiger shared his most recent research results about Corporate Reputation and its relationship with the shareholder value.

Uniandes professor, Bradley Wilson, who invited professor Schwaiger explained that his visit had two main purposes: First was to learn about his work. Professor Schwaiger is "one of the leading experts in the field of intangibles. In particular, his research on Corporate Reputation and its impact on stakeholder behavior as well as on financial performance" has been received very well around the globe. Second of all, Bradley Wilson assures that strengthening the relationship between LMU and Uniandes will increase the "options for student to exchange and joint research projects".

During his visit, Professor Schwaiger highlighted Uniandes School of Management research work and assured that "Universidad de los Andes is playing pretty much the same game that we play and the Business Schools around the world play. Have strong focus on research outputs, on quality in education and of course on international visibility". Manfred Schwaiger is also planning to work together in a joint research project with Professor Wilson.

Professor Schwaiger's visit is an example of School of Management's efforts of strengthening good practices between colleagues and institutions, and developing new trends in the different areas of management and research.


Professor of Business Administration, Head of the Institute of Market-Based Management (IMM), and Dean of Studies at the Munich School of Management within Ludwig-Maximilians-University of Munich (LMU), for which he served as Dean from 2003-2005. He earned his Ph.D. (1993) and his Habilitation (1998) in Management Science from Augsburg University.

His main research interests cover management of intangible assets (esp. reputation and trust), consumer behavior, corporate communication, and market & trend research. His academic work has been published in leading journals in the fields of Management (e.g. Strategic Management Journal) and Marketing (e.g. Journal of the Academy of Marketing Science). Prof. Schwaiger has received a number of best paper awards, including the Best Paper Award at the Global Marketing Conference in 2016 and the Best Paper Awards by the Association for Marketing & Health Care Research in 2011 and 2012.

In addition to his academic work, he has been serving as a consultant to several blue chip companies in Germany and the US in the fields of new product development, strategic management and trust building. Besides this, he has a long standing experience as member of the Advisory Boards to several firms.

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