The Finance area run by the School of Management at Universidad de los Andes has more than 16 full-time professors, 90% of whom hold doctorates. Staff interests are varied. In terms of teaching, the area is responsible for delivering the majority of courses in finance from undergraduate to doctoral level. In terms of research, faculty members focus on developing and disseminating several different areas of interest, ranging from the financing of capital markets to the challenges of financial management in companies.






Undergraduate Program in Managementarrow

The undergraduate program in Management provides a range of opportunities for students to explore their interests and pursue their passions. They can take courses ranging from the arts and humanities to science and technology, while learning – inside and outside the classroom – everything they need to become true leaders, capable of exerting a sustainable influence on the decision-making spaces of the organizations in which they work.

Specialization in Financial Management arrow

The sustainability of a company depends on the operational or financial decisions that are taken. Therefore, professionals working in all areas of an organization should be capable of determining the strategies required to administer the financial resources for which they are responsible. The capacity to understand and interpret financial language, assimilate financial strategies, or to make recommendations and suggest specific actions relevant to their organization’s financial success is a distinguishing factor of professionals who are capable of strengthening the teams in which they work.

Master in Financearrow

The Masters in Finance is a postgraduate qualification designed to deepen the understanding of individuals with business experience who are interested in finding success in the field of finance, and who wish to develop and strengthen their professional skills and abilities by following an innovatory, challenging study plan with considerable international content. Our students learn about the latest developments in a wide range of aspects of financial theory and are able to test what they learn by putting the different methodologies they learn into practice in their workplaces. 

International Master in Financearrow

The International Master’s degree in Finance is a fulltime course taught in English. It is a joint qualification offered by the Universidad de los Andes and the NOVA School of Business and Economics, Portugal. The program is intended for professionals wishing to develop their skills and knowledge of financial markets, business finance, the banking system, regulation and financial supervision while at the same time enjoying a multicultural academic experience in Colombia, London and Portugal that provides an opportunity for students to grow professionally in an international financial environment. 

Doctoral Program in Management – Specialization in Financearrow

The Doctoral Program in Management aims to develop knowledge of business management, with a focus on the Latin American and Colombian contexts, to train researchers and teachers capable of developing and improving the quality of business management training in Colombia and to contribute in this manner to improving management in the public and private sectors in Colombia and Latin America.