The School of Management's area of Management and Public Policy has reflected on its identity and lines of action within the framework of the policy that guides the operation of the areas. This reflection seeks to clearly identify the path to follow, given the formation of the Area of Sustainability with its former members and an awareness of the challenges that lie ahead.

The activities of this academic unit date back to when the School was created. First, with the teaching and research in business history that has been carried out since 1974. Then, with the activities in the field of Public Management that have been particularly dynamic since 2000. Later, with the creation of new programs, as we will see later, and finally, in 2005, with the start of teaching, research and publishing work in the environmental field, which has led to a consolidation of this field to form a new area of work in the School. 

Currently, the area employs 12 full-time professors linked to basic courses taught in the Undergraduate Program. Their teaching activities have an impact on more than 1,400 students, on the courses taught at the postgraduate level (14 in total), although this may vary from one semester to another; and on the Executive Education Programs. 

Overview of the work of the Management area. 

  1. Historical evaluation of research on Business Management.
  2. Analysis of the public sector.
  3. Study of the classics .
  4. Cultural management. 
  5. New initiatives.





Undergraduate program in Managementarrow

The undergraduate program in Management provides a range of opportunities for students to explore their interests and pursue their passions. They can take courses ranging from the arts and humanities to science and technology, while learning – inside and outside the classroom – everything they need to become true leaders, capable of exerting a sustainable influence on the decision-making spaces of the organizations in which they work.

Master in Business Administration (MBA)arrow

The MBA program is aimed at developing managers with leadership qualities and to consolidate students’ knowledge of the functional areas of business management, and their own ability to innovate. Our MBA is designed to transform our students completely. It is taught in three different versions: Full Time, Part Time and Executive (EMBA).

Doctoral Program in Managementarrow

The Doctoral Program in Management aims to develop knowledge of business management, with a focus on the Latin American and Colombian contexts, to train researchers and teachers capable of developing and improving the quality of business management training in Colombia and to contribute in this manner to improving management in the public and private sectors in Colombia and Latin America.