This area aims to develop and disseminate knowledge about marketing that adds value to organizations while also increasing the well-being of society, by promoting continuous innovation in their research and teaching activities. 

In the field of research, the research team Markets and decisions conducts studies in the areas of: Marketing systems, Decision-making, Consumer behavior, Innovations in higher education, Experiential marketing, Branding and Retail. These studies are carried out using different methodological approaches: experimental, behavioral, quantitative (multi-variate time series and hierarchical analysis) and qualitative (ethnographic and netnographic).

The Marketing area is made up of a multicultural, interdisciplinary, group of professors and researchers with a scientific approach, all dedicated to impacting on organizations.





Undergraduate Program in Management arrow

The undergraduate program in Management provides a range of opportunities for students to explore their interests and pursue their passions. They can take courses ranging from the arts and humanities to science and technology, while learning – inside and outside the classroom – everything they need to become true leaders, capable of exerting a sustainable influence on the decision-making spaces of the organizations in which they work.

Specialization in Market Intelligencearrow

Market systems are becoming increasingly less intuitive and more structured, and are now underpinned by the use research methodologies, models and tools for the analysis of information. The Specialization in Market Intelligence develops students’ skills in using market analysis tools, their decision-making, and their ability to use information technology tools for developing marketing strategies. 

Master in Marketingarrow

The Master’s degree in Marketing is a postgraduate qualification designed to deepen the understanding of individuals with marketing experience who are interested in finding success in the field of finance, and who wish to develop and strengthen their professional skills and abilities by following an innovatory, challenging study plan with considerable international content. Our students learn about the latest developments in marketing theory and are able to test what they learn by putting the different methodologies they learn into practice in their workplaces.

Doctoral Program in Management – Specialization in Marketingarrow

The Doctoral Program in Management aims to develop knowledge of business management, with a focus on the Latin American and Colombian contexts, to train researchers and teachers capable of developing and improving the quality of business management training in Colombia and to contribute in this manner to improving management in the public and private sectors in Colombia and Latin America.