The Organizations area aims to produce and disseminate information on organizations, the behavior of individuals and groups working in them, their interactions with multiple internal and external stakeholders and their impact on the societies and the environments where they operate. Faculty members are drawn from different cultures and disciplines and seek to contribute to the sustainable development of organizations through their teaching, research and consultancy activities. The focuses of research include the following: 

  • Responsible and innovatory leadership
  • Personal and organizational change
  • Learning in the workplace and at organizational level
  • Relations between organizational design, stakeholder management and organizational development
  • Interpersonal networks in- and outside organizations, their dynamics, and consequences for individual, group and organizational development and in society as a whole
  • Impact on the assumptions, values, norms, attitudes and behaviors of individuals and groups in organizations
  • Virtue ethics and the development of character
  • Managing human beings and systems 
  • Self-reflection as a tool for promoting negotiating and management skills 
  • Psychology, and developing collaborative negotiators 
  • Durability of organizations and the development of organizational capabilities






Undergraduate Program in Managementarrow

The undergraduate program in Management provides a range of opportunities for students to explore their interests and pursue their passions. They can take courses ranging from the arts and humanities to science and technology, while learning – inside and outside the classroom – everything they need to become true leaders, capable of exerting a sustainable influence on the decision-making spaces of the organizations in which they work.

Master in Business Administration (MBA)arrow

The MBA program is aimed at developing managers with leadership qualities and to consolidate students’ knowledge of the functional areas of business management, and their own ability to innovate. Our MBA is designed to transform our students completely. It is taught in three different versions: Full Time, Part Time and Executive (EMBA).

Doctoral Program in Managementarrow

The Doctoral Program in Management aims to develop knowledge of business management, with a focus on the Latin American and Colombian contexts, to train researchers and teachers capable of developing and improving the quality of business management training in Colombia and to contribute in this manner to improving management in the public and private sectors in Colombia and Latin America.