Osaka + Uniandes: Science, Innovation & Creativity

April 15, 2020


Published in Noticias Profesores

Osaka is known as a gastronomic, entertainment and leisure top worldwide destination. Osaka will also soon host the Expo 2025, where 28 million visitors from all over the world are being expected. It is in this context where Knowledge Capital (a Japanese center for research & innovation) has consolidated itself as a distinctive space for avant-garde entertainment. Here, children and adults can experience state-of-the-art technology, while becoming part of the creative and inventive process of different objects and products.

In 2019, Felipe Reinoso, assistant professor at Universidad de los Andes School of Management, and an expert in food & experiential marketing, was invited by Knowledge Capital to present his work in collaboration with different international scientists. This collaboration took place in one of the most important symposiums of electronic thinking: the International Symposium on Electronic Art (ISEA).

Each year, Knowledge Capital holds a contest called the Knowledge Innovation Award, with the objective of putting in the spot the collaborations that they manage. This year, Knowledge Capital recognized Felipe's work with the Grand Prix award in the “Knowledge Capital Division” category. "As a Latin American researcher I feel proud of Uniandes when being invited to work in Japan and, in addition, while being recognized for the effort by Japanese colleagues.

Felipe's research focuses on designing experiences through the senses and, in this context, how it is particularly possible to rethink the experience of foods and drinks. He explains that an important focus of his current research is on well-being, for example, through the promotion of healthier eating habits. There is also a trend in the food/drink sector towards addressing everything related to virtual e-commerce. Now, and more than ever, consumers are relying on virtual and digital channels to shop and interact with brands. Therefore, understanding how the senses can maintain a leading role in consumer decision-making processes, virtually, is a topic that is raising more and more interest.

Finally, referring to the future of his research, Felipe stated that he would like to continue deepen on how what one hears affects tasting. His interests are not only concerning music, but also when it comes to the effects of noise, and soundscapes in general. He will continue to address these ideas in, both, the virtual and ‘real’ worlds, and from a transformative perspective. Moreover, there is an on-going interest to reflect on such ideas across different cultures and social groups. Felipe also tells us that, in Colombia, there are unique opportunities to work on these topics from the context of territorial marketing. Like this it would be possible, for example, to better understand the decision-making process of consumers in post-conflict situations.


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