Supply Chain & Technology


The School of Management's academic area of Supply Chain Management & Technology is involved in the creation and transformation of knowledge in the fields of research, teaching and corporate relations in this area. The research addresses various issues of design, analysis and improved performance of supply chains in the context of emerging markets, and serves as input for teaching in the various courses related to the subject, on the different programs offered at the School. Through its Master's degree in Supply Chain Management, the first program of its kind in Colombia, the academic area is strongly committed to training leaders in this field. The consulting and Executive Education projects involving private sector organizations (oil industry, health, maritime logistics, among others) and public organizations (e.g. IDB, iNNpulsa) support the practical application and relevance of the knowledge generated by our full and part-time faculty.






Master’s Degree in Supply Chain Managementarrow

Given that national and international studies show significant potential for improving the performance of Supply Chain Management areas in Colombia and considering the current environment of globalization and competitiveness, our Master's degree in Supply Chain Management is the first program in Colombia created with an international strategic perspective that allows students to equip themselves with the knowledge, skills, and tools necessary to compete successfully in a modern economic environment.