General Information

General Information

Why do a Master of Finance?

The Master of Finance provides students with a solid foundation in the skills and knowledge needed to design and implement financial strategies differentiated by their design, analysis-based arguments, and integration of both local and global visions.

Our unique pedagogical approach integrates the professional experiences of students and professors with the use of methodologies so that students learn to diagnose problems and formulate financial solutions for the business sector.

Moreover, our professors-experts in their respective fields who believe deeply in the individual learning process-take the time for one-on-one sessions with students to address any concerns about topics covered in class. Although master's students have the most modern technological support at their fingertips, personal relationships and the richness they bring remain at the heart of the program.

Eligible Candidates

The Master of Finance program is aimed at professionals who seek to establish themselves in the field of finance and have an impact on the business environments where they find themselves by means of rigorous academic training and the opportunity to share a wealth of experiences and perspectives. A minimum of two (2) years of professional experience is required.


Contact us: +57 (1) 3324144, ext. 2629/1524
Contact person: Greyson Jair Mojica
Address: Cra. 1 Nº 19 – 27

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