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 Why should you pursue a Master’s degree in Marketing

The Master of Finance provides students with a solid foundation in the skills and knowledge needed to design and implement financial strategies differentiated by their design, analysis-based arguments, and integration of both local and global visions.

Our unique pedagogical approach integrates the professional experiences of students and professors with the use of methodologies so that students learn to diagnose problems and formulate financial solutions for the business sector.

Eligible Candidates

The Master's in Finance is an advanced study postgraduate degree, targeting people with work experience who want to perform more successfully in the field of finance and who seek to train to strengthen their professional skills through a study plan designed as novel, challenging and with broad-ranging international content. Our students learn about finance theory, according to the state of the art on different topics, and compare this with what they have learned through different methodologies as part of their work experience.

Student Profile*

Professionals with at least two years of work experience who wish to acquire the skills and abilities to excel professionally in Finance and deepen its knowledge financial topics according to their personal interests.

Graduate Profile

Graduates of the Master in Finance can assess the national and international environment, based on their financial knowledge, to properly take and communicate the financial decisions that guarantee the innovative development of the organization.


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Office hours: Monday to Friday 7:00a.m—6:30p.m. Continuous work day

*Experience is considered from the date of the undergraduate degree.


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