General Information

General Information

Why do a Master of Development Management and Practice?

The MDP provides the opportunity to develop key skills through case studies and the hands-on implementation of real-life projects in private, public, and nonprofit organizations.
The program has gained a reputation for both its interdisciplinary nature and the way in which it brings together professionals working for the development of the country from different institutions and public and private organizations.
MDP students have 15 days of fieldwork. The crux of the master's program, this is where students will apply what they have learned in class, combining it with their own experience.

Eligible Candidates

Potential MDP candidates have at least three years of professional work experience, are interested in global and local sustainable development challenges, and seek to become managers and leaders who make decisions that show responsibility with regard to the natural environment and human communities.


Call: +57 (1) 332 4144 
Bogotá, Colombia

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