General Information

General Information

Why study the Master of Development Management and Practice?

The MDP provides the opportunity to develop key skills through case studies and the hands-on implementation of real-life projects in private, public, and nonprofit organizations.
The program has gained a reputation for both its interdisciplinary nature and the way in which it brings together professionals working for the development of the country from different institutions and public and private organizations.

MDP students have 15 days of fieldwork. This is the axis of the master's program, this is where students will apply what they have learned in class, combining it with their own experience.

Eligible Candidates

Potential MDP candidates are interested in global and local sustainable development challenges, and seek to become managers and leaders who make decisions that show responsibility towards human welfare.

Candidates are professionals eager to engage in collective actions in local communities through practice.

Differential values

  • Belonging to one of the best ranking management schools in Colombia and Latin America.
  • Be part of the MDP Global Association, which brings together top-level universities that work on development practice and exchange spaces for debate, knowledge and experiences (
  • The practice of development is incorporated into a rigorous curriculum, which combines conceptual components with the development of relevant competences to address the challenges of governance and territorial development

What do our graduates do?

The MDP graduate is a professional capable of understanding the problems of development with a critical perspective, proposes solutions that articulate the different dimensions of sustainable development and is able to mobilize collective actions from different organizations.

He works in positions that demand a holistic approach to projects that lead to the construction of local well-being and the ability to articulate international efforts for sustainable development.

Master of Environmental Management (MEM) y Master of Development Management and Practice (MDP)

Double degree between the Master's Degree in Environmental Management (MEM) and Master's Degree in Management and Practice of Development (MDP)

Since 2016, the two masters share 50% of the credits through their core courses on sustainable development and management, while offering different outputs. Hence, both programs share some learning objectives but the profile of a graduate student from the MEM or the MDP is established by the specific objectives of each program.

The MGA and the MDP are now 42 credits programs, according to most master's degrees at the Universidad de los Andes. In this way, 21 of the credits of each master's degree are common for both MGA students and MDP students.

Fieldwork – MDP Practice

MDP Practice is an innovative experience that combines academic and fieldwork activities. Students have the opportunity to experiment the integration of knowledge, skills and abilities, acquired, through the correlation established between the content of the courses and field practice.

It is expected that the practice conveys the understanding of the problems of development from a critical and systemic perspective, and thus proposes innovative solutions articulating the vision of Sustainable Development Goals.

In the MDP Practice, we work mainly with organizations of the third sector and public or cooperative entities, which, while serving social purposes, are also interested in empowering agents of development. We have collaborated with more than 50 projects nationwide and participated in more than 10 in international practice.

Students can do the practice in international projects with allied organizations of the Global MDP Network. We have had students in Africa, Asia, Central and South America.

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Diana Marcela Puerta López
Program Director MEM y MDP
Telephone number (571) 339 4949 ext. 2335

María Angélica Fajardo
Program Coordinator MEM y MDP
Telephone number 3394949 Ext. 1180

Attention line: 571-3324144 
Skype: mgaymdp.adm
Address Carrera 1 No 19-27, Edificio Aulas, Oficina LA 103
Bogotá, Colombia