Foreign Aspirants

Foreign Aspirants








29–may.–18 to 7–jun.–18



Admissions Process

The admissions process consists of three basic steps:

  • Application: Fill out application form, submit all required documents, and pay application fee.
  • Exam: Take the exam administered by the Universidad de los Andes on the specified dates. Alternatively, the GMAT or GRE may be submitted, provided the scores are less than two years old. These results will determine which candidates will be chosen to proceed to the third step.
  • Personal Interview: To be conducted with the Program Director and/or tenured professors from the School.

Required Documents:

    1. Application form, completely filled out online, with printed copy submitted. (Ir al formulario)
  • a. The form must be completely filled out online, printed, and submitted with the other documents.
  • b. If you filled out the form in the past, you must fill it out and print it again (each form is valid only for the date on which it is filled out and printed).
  1. Two 3x4 photographs, including the one on the form, with your name written on the back
  2. Application fee receipt Applicants must pay the nonrefundable application fee of COP 350,000. Payment can be made either online by clicking here or via bank deposit.
  3. Certified copies of diplomas or graduation certificates accrediting your undergraduate degrees
  4. Official undergraduate transcripts with weighted average (or certified copies). If the undergraduate degree was completed abroad, the original transcript must have an apostille.
  5. Current resume
  6. A letter of recommendation from supervisor or professor filled out on the attached form, sent in an envelope sealed and signed by the evaluator. Download the recommendation form here.

These documents must be submitted at the Centro de Atención Integrada (CAI), Calle 18A # 0-33 Este, Bloque E, piso 1, Bogotá, Colombia (open Monday to Friday, 8:30 a.m. - 5:30 p.m.).

The following tools are available to help students prepare their PAEP exam:

  • Practice test on the LASPAU Web Page
  • PAEP practice exercises are available at the School of Management's satellite library.
  • The book and also be bought at the University bookshop.

* The School of Management's satellite library holds extra material for the PAEP-LASPAU exam for the exclusive use of the School's students or graduates.

Financial support

Universidad de los Andes has a number of agreements with ICETEX and entities in the financial sector to structure funding systems for graduate students with short-, medium-, and long-term alternatives. For more information please visit the Uniandes Financial Support Office webpage.

Visa information for foreign students

According to Decree 1067 of 26 May 2015 and Resolution 714 of 12 June 2015, issued by the Ministry of foreign affairs, foreign students who wish to study in Colombia must have a valid students or other type of visa. This must be presented to the Admissions Office (window 4) or sent by email to This procedure must be carried out before printing the enrolment fee receipt. In addition, current Colombian law requires that foreigners –under or over the age of 18- with a visa valid for over three months, must hold a foreign ID card. Students therefore have to comply by this requirement and can carry out the procedure at the same time as obtaining their visa.

Please remember to apply for your visa in plenty of time in order to avoid any hold-ups with regards the payment and registration of your enrolment at the University.

To find out more about the visa process, please visit the following webpage: If you have any questions about the process, please contact 3394949 Ext. 2211 - 2298 or write to

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