Mujer, titulo: Maestría en mercadeo, competencias analíticas

Learning Goals

  1. Students will reflect on their professional actions from an ethical, social, economic and environmental perspective
  2. Students will be a marketing decision maker based on the integration of knowledge, theories, models and information analysis tools.
  3. Students will be a professional who innovates, from the Marketing area, in the generation of sustainable value for organizations.
  4. Students will be a professional capable of communicating its ideas in an effective way
Degree Awarded: Master of Marketing
Registration Number: SNIES Code 53733
Duration: 18 months
Schedule: Classes are held Thursday and Friday from 6:00 to 9:00 p.m. and Saturday from 8:00 a.m. to noon, with some Saturday classes in the afternoon.

Electives offered by the International Summer School are intensive and held Monday to Saturday for two weeks. 


The Master of Marketing seeks to develop the skills and competencies of participants so that they can achieve success in executive positions in the field of marketing. The design of the Master of Marketing responds to the need to form professionals with critical and analytical acuity in line with local business realities in a global context. For this reason, the program has been envisaged as an interrelated set of knowledge and basic tools in marketing that develops dynamic thinking and skills in participants, consequently fostering diagnosis and problem solving alongside the ability to design and develop strategic marketing plans.

The Universidad de los Andes offers master’s students who have multiple interests and who want to maximize their studies at the University the opportunity to study two masters simultaneously.

Students in dual degree programs can begin their studies for a second master’s, receiving credit for certain approved courses from the first master’s. This allows students to obtain a second master's degree that represents a savings of time and money.

Professional Development

Graduates of the Master of Marketing at our School develop their careers in different areas of marketing such as new product development, market intelligence and pricing, integrated marketing communications, distribution channel strategies, digital marketing strategies,  brand management and strategy, and market research with an emphasis on consumer behavior.

Those who graduate from our program go on to hold positions with a largely strategic component, as graduates are characterized by their ability to analyze the environment and then define and implement innovative marketing proposals. This movement into management positions is consolidated to the extent in which they are able to apply the skills and competencies acquired in the Master of Marketing to market challenges.

For more information, please visit the Office of Alumni.