General Information

General Information

Why study Supply Chain Management?

  • Supply Chain Management is one of the fastest growing business areas nationally and internationally.
  • Modern competition requires coordination between the actors in the supply chain to ensure competitiveness.
  • Today's world calls for professionals who can apply innovative and sustainable management of supply chain interactions.
  • National and international studies show significant potential to improve the performance of Supply Chain Management areas in Colombia. Considering the current environment of globalization and competitiveness, enhancing this performance is paramount for organizations in the region.

Graduate Profile

The graduate is a professional who generates value to organizations through a Supply Chain Management with a strategic and international perspective, allowing the graduate to face the challenges of modern competition.

Student profile 

Professional with at least 3 years of experience in positions related to Supply Chain Management, Supply, Operations or Logistics.

Program goals

  • Understand and interpret supply chains and organizational environments from a critical perspective.
  • Use the conceptual frameworks and tools of supply chain management adequately in the definition and implementation of strategies.
  • Integrate and contrast previous experience with theories, quantitative models and technological tools for information analysis to evaluate supply chain management situations and make decisions based on facts and data.
  • Organize and lead work teams to create shared visions, generate ideas, and turn these into projects that attain the intended results.


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