Master of Development Management and Practice

Prácticas MDP

Fieldwork – MDP Practice

The MDP through its students and teachers in interaction with local peers, seeks to promote academic work through the realization of Fieldwork in which they develop from the knowledge and experience contributions to the main problems and development opportunities. Students make two field trips. For the fieldwork there are three fundamental stages: Identification of the problem, the development of the proposal and the implementation of the tools, knowledge, skills and competences in the field. Good identification is critical because it establishes the axis on which the student or group of students will work their project during the rest of the curriculum. To identify a problem, the intuitive skills or experience of the students are not enough, but a methodology must be followed. 

The follow-up of the method and the integration of the learning of the courses of Organizations management and Strategic Management, offer the student the tools to present a practical proposal that is viable and that has an impact on the organization.