The participants of the program will belong to one of the most proactive communities of students, graduates and professors of the Universidad de los Andes. The program encourages a sense of belonging that is energized by the activity of the Sustainable Development Management Community (GDS Community), Master of Environmental Management and Master of Development Management and Practice are part of this Community.

This space facilitated by students and graduates encourages networking, an offer of conferences, refresher courses, research and consulting with teachers, as well as in the support of the program as academic assistants and casewriters for the production of cases in issues of sustainability.

The students belong to the GDS Community from the admission to the program, it is strengthened and grows from the interest of active participation of each of its members.

National Environmental Forum

The School is part of the National Environmental Forum (FNA), an alliance of 8 organizations interested in promoting public spaces for the discussion of environmental and sustainable development. Students of the MEM have the possibility to access the services and benefits of the FNA.

The Forum aims to monitor public environmental policy and provide evidence for its advancement, fostering a structured dialogue between leaders from the economic, social, and environmental sectors on the major environmental issues and challenges that the country faces.

The FNA regularly develops forums, seminars and workshops, documents, and publications. The main policy areas of the FNA are: (i) national environmental policy; (ii) forests; (iii) water; (iv) the environment and armed conflict; (v) villages, forests and territories; and (vi) international environmental policy.

International Conferences

Prominent leaders in environmental issues and business from all over the world visit the University and the School of Management on a regular basis, offering students the opportunity to hear proposals and exchange views with professors and executives who have significant academic and professional experience in management and environmental issues.

Throughout the program, international conferences are organized around pressing issues such as climate change, corporate environmental responsibility, and best practices in conservation management.

Current Events Forums

These spaces created for graduate students of the School of Management allow them to deepen their knowledge of the latest innovations taking place in a variety of general interest issues. Experts and prominent business leaders are invited by the School to present, analyze, and debate current issues with participants.

By being part of the Uniandes’ community, the students of the MGA have the opportunity to participate in academic, cultural and sporting activities that take place permanently on the campus of the University.

The diversity of services and benefits offered to students, including access to libraries, the Faculty's research room and the use of all the infrastructure resources of the Universidad de Los Andes, allow students to enjoy and enrich their passage through the Program.

By consulting the following pages it is possible to know in detail the type of activities that are permanently offered at the University.