General Information

General Information

Why study the Master of Environmental Management?

Aware of the critical role played by the environment and the growing need for management skills for both organizations and professionals who work in the environmental area, the School of Management at the Universidad de los Andes launched its Master of Environmental Management (MGA by its initials in Spanish) program in July 2008.

The Master of Environmental Management (MGA) seeks to form managers who can both lead environmental organizations as well as incorporate the environmental dimension into the strategy of any private, public, or nonprofit organization.

Differential values

  1. Addresses socio-environmental issues from a management perspective
  2. Offers an interdisciplinary approach stemming from theory and practice
  3. Responds to a growing need in the labor market, stimulating the growth of professionals in organizations and creating a favorable setting for new ventures.

Who can study the MEM?

The Master of Environmental Management (MGA) is aimed at professionals from any discipline with at least two years of work experience, the academic credentials needed to access a Master degree, a leadership potential and a critical perspective upon the traditional paradigms of management. Students of the MGA envision the environmental dimension as one of the cornerstones to achieve sustainable development within organizations.

What do our graduates do?

The MEM graduate is a change agent that incorporates, strengthens and directs the environmental dimension as one of the foundations that enable organizations to address the challenges of sustainable development.

Our alumni work in positions ranging from the leadership or coordination of sustainability in companies of various sectors such as agriculture, processed foods, infrastructure, mining and energy, to assume roles from public management in institutions such as Ministries, and local and regional authorities. They also manage the environmental dimension and develop project in NGOs with interests in conservation and sustainable use of biodiversity.

Master of Environmental Management (MEM) y Master of Development Management and Practice (MDP)

Double degree between the Master's Degree in Environmental Management (MEM) and Master's Degree in Management and Practice of Development (MDP)

Since 2016, the two masters share 50% of the credits through their core courses on sustainable development and management, while offering different outputs. Hence, both programs share some learning objectives but the profile of a graduate student from the MEM or the MDP is established by the specific objectives of each program.

The MGA and the MDP are now 42 credits programs, according to most master's degrees at the Universidad de los Andes. In this way, 21 of the credits of each master's degree are common for both MGA students and MDP students.

Degree Project - MEM Consultandes

Through Consultandes, MGA students do a consultancy as a degree project.

Different organizations with concerns around environmental sustainability, green growth and conservation management, raise their questions to the School, so that during a semester, with a team of senior students of the MGA and the guidance of a professor, an exploration of solutions and alternatives to their challenges is made. The students obtain practical experience in consulting, while they use the knowledge acquired along the academic program.

We work with more than 25 allied organizations representing different industries, some from the public sector and others coming from the civil society.


Diana Marcela Puerta López
Program Director MEM y MDP
Telephone number (571) 339 4949 ext. 2335

María Angélica Fajardo
Program coordinator MEM y MDP
Telephone number (57-1) 332 4144 ext 1180


Skype: mgaymdp.adm
Address: Carrera 1 No 19-27, Aulas building, Office LA 103. Bogotá, Colombia