Program Objectives

  • To train researchers in the field of management, as per the needs of the country and Latin America
  • To develop and consolidate basic and applied research that is pertinent, relevant, and of a high academic level that results in publications of high impact
  • To raise the quality of graduate training through the development of a scheme that allows rigorous and diverse methods and approaches to be used in research

The Master's program has three areas of concentration:

  • Finance
  • Organizational Studies
  • Environmental Management

The Master's lasts 18 months and is full-time. Its completion also makes for a natural transition to the School's Ph.D. program.

Professional Development

Graduates of the master's program go on to be leaders in the processes of research, innovation, and development in organizations. They stand out from their peers in the labor market due to their strong analytical skills.

Graduates can work in the private sector, for example as a Vice President of Research and Development, Vice President of Environmental Research, Vice President of Planning, and Vice President of Corporate Relations. They may also enter consulting firms in management and organizations and numerous research centers from the private sector, civil society (such as unions), and the public sector (such as Colombia's Central Bank, National Planning Department, and superintendencies and regulatory agencies). Alternatively, graduates may choose to join different universities as academic researchers.