MBA Ejecutivo



Learning Goals

  1. Students will promote ethically and socially responsible behaviours and practices within their organisations.
  2. Students will lead organisational changes under challenging business conditions.
  3. Students will evaluate their local and global business environments to create opportunities for growth and value.
  4. Students will strengthen their leadership skills to foster commitment and shared visions.
  5. Students will make confident and strategic decisions thanks to their expertise in the functional areas of management.
  6. Students will develop entrepreneurial skills to innovate within existing organisations and/or to create new ventures. 

EMBA Graduates

Graduates of the EMBA undergo a personal and professional transformation as a result of the academic structure, interactive experience with peers, and questions posed by the program, all of which contribute to their consolidation as leaders in the workplace and beyond. They internalize a strategic, innovative, and sustainable focus to develop both their organization and guidelines for their own lives, and they are able to face the future in a more confident and mature manner.

Dual Degree Program

The Executive MBA (EMBA) program of the School of Management at the Universidad de los Andes, created in 2000, focuses on superior-quality education for senior executives of organizations with more than eight years of professional experience in leadership who want to move to the next level in their organization or enhance their managerial and leadership skills.

The EMBA culminates in the awarding of the Master of Business Administration degree through a two-year curriculum with part-time intensity. This schedule is specially designed for high-profile executives and features a highly strategic approach.




Degree Awarded

Master of Business Administration

Registration Number

SNIES 1575


24 months


The program includes three weeks in residence: the first at the beginning of the first year, the second halfway through, and the third at the end of the program. The third week in residence will be abroad, with support from a foreign university. The on-site sessions will be held two weekends every month. On one of these weekends, students must come to the University on Friday and Saturday, and on the following weekend class will only be held on Saturday.