Life on Campus

Life on Campus

A permanent interrelation with students committed to their development and with professors of the highest professional and academic level, allows the participants of the Master of Business Administration (MBA) to find continuous intellectual and personal challenges that make the program an extraordinary and memorable experience.


The students of the MBA programs of the School of Management, participate in the most important business plan competitions in the world and do so with the aim of winning.


Being part of our alumni community, is an opportunity that MBA students have to participate in various academic, cultural and sports extracurricular activities that take place permanently on the University campus.

National and international conferences, seminars and forums are part of the offer that the University presents to its students week after week. The cinema, theater, live music and a diversity of artistic expressions constantly invade the campus, contributing to achieve a comprehensive and balanced experience.

Additionally, students can take courses and participate in projects of any of the Master's programs offered by the University and share experiences with students and teachers from the most varied disciplines and fields of interest.

The campus integrates a diversity of services and benefits such as libraries, cafeterias and recreational and sports spaces, that become the ideal space to enrich the student life of the participants of our programs.

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