MBA Ejecutivo

General Information

General Information

Why do an Executive MBA?   

This program allows professionals with extensive managerial experience the opportunity to hone their skills, abilities, and knowledge in order to multiply the impact they have on their organizations and on society.

EMBA participants at the Universidad de los Andes are a diverse, multidisciplinary, and excellence-oriented group. Socially responsible and natural leaders, they are consistently hard-working, meticulous, highly motivated, and able to influence and guide businesses to the most demanding international stages.

What makes us different?

What sets us apart is our emphasis on the development of the individual. Indeed, the program has recently doubled the time dedicated to this focus, introducing four new courses revolving around the individual and his or her role in the organization. Technical knowledge is undeniably pivotal in today's world, but the day-to-day of managers remains characterized by challenges of interaction.

The methodology is varied: a quarter of the courses contain content that makes them ideal for the case method, and these are combined with other courses that utilize role play, workshops, group work, projects, online forums, recordings, and other teaching resources.

Four international weeks are included in the program, with two being mandatory per the curriculum: the prestigious Universidad Adolfo Ibáñez in Santiago, Chile, and IE, the renowned business school in Madrid. In addition, Babson College in the United States and the London School of Economics in England are offered as electives.

The program's curriculum takes a consistently strategic approach: beginning with the planning phase with "Strategy and Competitiveness" to identify the direction an organization should take and ending with "Internationalization and Globalization" in the last phase, which steers the strategy to an aggressive global approach.

Relationships take on great importance in this space, as meeting twice a month with peers who share ideals and values nurtures deep and lasting bonds. In this environment, students are able to truly open themselves up to new ideas and experiences. We have consistently observed that relationships are maintained through the years spent together and through the creation of a network of both business and cultural contacts called the EMBA Community.

Eligible Candidates

The Executive MBA program is designed for senior executives from different functional areas of multinational companies and entrepreneurs or owners of medium and large businesses. Leaders from different nationalities participate in the program, thereby enriching the exchange of experiences and perspectives.


  1. Pay application fee of COP 480,000
  2. Fill out online form.
  3. Submit all required documents
  4. Entrance exam
  5. Two interviews
  6. Visa that allows you to study, if you are an international student


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