Admissions and Financial Aid

Admissions and Financial Aid

The School of Management and the Universidad de los Andes understand that doctoral programs are essential for strengthening research in the country and that they require financing from both external entities and the University. For this reason, the Universidad de los Andes prioritizes supporting doctoral programs in its Institutional Development Plan and allocates resources expressly for this purpose. Likewise, the School of Management designates part of its annual budget to fund the doctoral program.

Opportunities for financial support for doctoral students include the following:

Scholarships for Foreigners in Colombia - ICETEX

The ICETEX program offers scholarships for graduate studies, specializations, and research at the graduate level to foreigners from countries that in turn award scholarships to Colombians under existing reciprocity agreements. ICETEX also allows the participation of international experts in events organized by Colombian universities. The lines of work that fulfill this objective are: Graduate studies in Colombia and Visiting Professors.


Colombian Ph.D. students have the possibility of receiving financing from the Fondo Colciencias Doctorados Nacionales - Icetex. These scholarships are awarded once a student has been admitted and the annual Colciencias call for scholarships is opened.

Vice President of Research and Doctorates: Forgivable Education Loans for Doctoral Students

This form of financial support, offered by the Universidad de los Andes, can be accessed once the student is formally admitted to the Ph.D., that is, after having completed the courses of the Master of Research. Recipients must be under 35 years of age when starting the doctoral program to apply for this line of credit.

This loan-scholarship may be awarded for the following purposes:

  • Tuition: Students may finance up to 100% of their semester tuition from this program.
  • Room and board: Students may receive loans of 1, 2, or 3 current legal minimum monthly salaries per month for their room and board expenses. The University will make payments to each student beneficiary for the appropriate amount at the beginning of each semester.
  • Internship: The part of the loan used to cover the internship may include airfare in economy class, room and board expenses for up to 12 months and up to 5 current legal minimum monthly salaries per month, and health insurance with costs not to exceed 1.5 current legal minimum monthly salaries for up to two semesters.
  • In each program, students are entitled to forgiveness of up to 80% of the debt with program completion and intellectual production affiliated with the Universidad de los Andes.
  • Each program has its own regulations and a committee that studies student applications, fulfillment of the required conditions, and the availability of resources for lending. The fulfillment of conditions for the renewal of loans on a semester basis is also studied.

Graduate Assistantships in Teaching or Research

The employment of graduate assistants is a work opportunity that the university provides for students enrolled in a master's or doctorate program following completion of their undergraduate degree. Their professional status allows them to participate directly in teaching or research activities as a Graduate Assistant. This participation lies outside of the relationship existing between the University and the student, derived from academic tuition.

Information for International Students

  1. The application may be filled out online, and the required documents must be sent by mail to the Admissions Office of the Universidad de los Andes (Cra. 1 No. 18A - 10, Edificio Pedro Navas, Piso 2, Bogotá, Colombia). The package must be dated no later than the final application deadline.
  2. International students who wish to apply must submit GRE, GMAT, or LASPAU test scores from within the last two years.
  3. Interviews may be conducted by phone or Skype.
  4. Please note that according to Decree 4000 of November 30, 2004 and Resolution 4700 of November 25, 2009, issued by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, you are required to have a Student Visa or other type of visa that allows you to study. This visa must be presented at the Admissions Office or sent via email to in order to fulfill this legal requirement before printing your registration receipt. Be sure to give yourself sufficient time when beginning the procedure for applying for a visa in order to avoid any problems with the registration payment.