General Information

General Information

Why do a Ph.D.?

The Doctor of Business Administration at the Universidad de los Andes stands above its peers for several reasons, among which is the fact that it is part of the School of Management of a renowned university that has a national and international reputation for superior academic quality. The School holds the Triple Crown in international accreditations (EQUIS, AACSB, and AMBA) and is also unique in that it has:

  • Full-time tenured research professors with Ph.D.’s from the best universities in the world
  • Lines of research built into the doctoral program
  • Rigorous training in management research
  • Work opportunities in research and publishing works coauthored by Department professors
  • Access to the most comprehensive management databases in Colombia
  • A rigorous and challenging work environment for the training of new researchers
  • Flexibility to specialize in concentration areas (Finance, Organizational Studies, and Environmental Management)
  • The opportunity to join and work with international research networks
  • Research internships in accredited universities all over the world
  • Access to courses and other programs at the Universidad de los Andes

Student Profile

Any person thinking of joining the program needs to fully understand what a full-time academic career entails, with its components of teaching and research, for which he or she will be prepared, and be able to commit to a residence of at least six months. Applicants do not have to be business graduates, as an attempt is made to include in the class those trained in the disciplines that affect the development of management, such as engineering, economics, and psychology, among others. Applicants’ prior academic performance must be outstanding, and they must also possess English reading proficiency.

The School makes every attempt to form a diverse group in terms of age, academic background, experience, and regional and national origin.


The Master of Research in Management is the only path to the Doctor of Business Administration program for those who desire to deepen their research training and publish their results in national and international scientific journals that shape both the theoretical and applied fields. Students who have excellent academic performance in the Master’s will be offered the opportunity to continue with the Ph.D. program. These students must take and pass the comprehensive exams and begin the process of their doctoral dissertation.

The process of admission to the Ph.D. is thus the same as that of the Master of Research in Management.

Should you have any questions about the process, please call +57 (1) 339 4949 ext. 3675 or send an email to, and you will be advised on how to proceed.