General Information

General Information

Why is it important to study the Specialization in Financial Management?

The long-term sustainability of an organization depends on the decisions taken in terms of investment, financing and operation, therefore professionals in any area of ​​responsibility must have the ability to identify the impact of their decisions on the use of resources they are in charge of.

The constant changes facing organizations today lead them to permanently adapt their strategies and consequently the use of their resources. This dynamic requires that professionals in charge of any area be able to understand financial language, interpret financial information, identify the impact of decisions on financial results and provide specific recommendations and actions to achieve objectives of the organization.

Target Profiles

Professionals with or without professional and financial experience, who have an interest in knowing the financial basis to analyze the financial development of organizations.

Exit profile

The alumni of the Specialization in Financial Management will be able to comprehend and analyze the financial development in an organization, to propose alternatives that contribute to their development.


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