Admissions and Financial Aid

Admissions and Financial Aid

Admissions Criteria

The Committee that evaluates applicants takes into account the following criteria to determine admission:

  1. PAEP test results
  2. Resume, undergraduate transcript, interview, recommendation

Admissions Process

  1. Pay nonrefundable application fee of COP 450,000 here and print or make a copy of the receipt.
  2. Fill out all sections of the Application form online here and print it out.
  3. Bring the following documents to the university:
      • A photograph with your name written on the back   
      • Printed Application form (point 2)
      • Current resume
      • Certified copies of diplomas or graduation certificates accrediting your undergraduate degrees
      • Official undergraduate transcripts (original or certified copy) with detailed grades and weighted average
      • Application fee receipt (point 1)

    These documents must be submitted at the Centro de Atención Integrada (CAI), Calle 18A # 0-33 Este, Bloque E, piso 1, Bogotá, Colombia (open Monday to Friday, 8:30 a.m. - 5:30 p.m.).

    1. Prepare thoroughly and in advance for the PAEP entrance exam at the LASPAU website, with the Tec de Monterrey course, and with the book Ejercicios de práctica PAEP, which can be obtained at the University’s bookstore.

The exam assesses the following:

    • Verbal aptitude: Antonyms, sentence completion, analogies, and reading comprehension (traditional analysis and critical analysis)
    • Math and science: Arithmetic, geometry, algebra, calculus, probability, physics, chemistry, and biology
    • Cognitive abilities: Sequences and logical relationships, transformations, and logical reasoning
    • Writing: Structure, use of vocabulary, syntactic complexity, and composition
    • English (as a work tool): Structure, function words, and reading comprehension.
  1. Take the PAEP entrance exam at the University in Bogotá on the date specified in the admissions calendar (at the end of this section).
  2. Participate in the admissions interview within the range of dates specified in the admissions calendar (at the beginning of this section). You will be notified of the exact date of your appointment via email and/or online (Specializations, News section, List of Interviews). .

Minimum Requirements

The Specialization programs are aimed at professionals with leadership potential in the study area of the respective program. Ideal candidates are those who wish to work in an environment of academic excellence and who seek to bring sustainable and innovative development solutions to organizations. 

Below are the minimum requirements necessary to apply to the Specialization programs:

  1. Have graduated from a professional undergraduate program and have accompanying diploma.
  2. Have proof of minimum required experience for each program.
    Program Requirement
    Specialization in Negotiation 2 years following graduation.
    Specialization in Market Intelligence  1 year following graduation. 
    Specialization in Financial Management Although no minimum experience is required, experience is looked upon favorably in the admissions process.
  3. Have employer support, particularly with regard to availability while in the program.
  4. Obtain student visa (for foreigners)

Admissions Calendar

Applications are evaluated on a rolling basis; however, there are various deadlines throughout the year. Below are the next scheduled deadlines.

Start of ClassesJan 20, 2020
Description Date
Application Deadline October 30, 2019
PAEP Entrance Exam November 09, 2019
List of Interviews Published November 12, 2019

Financial Aid

The specialization is to be paid in 5 payments (one at the beginning of each cycle). The School of Management does not currently offer financial aid or scholarships for the specialization programs.

Many of our students pay for their graduate studies through a combination of unused severance pay and taking out “Posgrado País” loans with Icetex, payroll loans, or consumer credit (in one’s own name or that of family members) with different financial entities.

The cost of the specialization is approximately COP 27 million pesos (for the groups that began in January 2015). If financed at 100% at the highest rate (2.12% nominal monthly rate) and over 36 months, the monthly payments will be approximately COP 1,100,000. However, the use of unused severance pay, loan period extensions, and lower rates from financial entities may reduce the monthly payment amount by half.

Think of the specialization as an investment with excellent returns, both financial (by increasing the likelihood of a higher salary) and personal (with the promise of stable and continuous professional growth).

To ensure tomorrow’s success, there is no better insurance against unemployment than to grow step by step through the work, experience, and increased skills that the specialization will provide you with to use for the benefit of organizations (as an employee or shareholder).