General Information

General Information

Why is it important to study the Specialization in Negotiation?

In the organizational sphere there are challenges such as alliances, acquisitions, mergers, buying and selling processes and multiple situations that require negotiation to achieve the goals. The knowledge of the right tools and the awareness of the ways to optimize the results in the negotiations, allow to maximize the value of the resources at stake and therefore, help to obtain the best results within an ethical framework.

Likewise, conflicts that arise in organizations, or with their interest groups, or those that arise from complex negotiations, may represent more opportunities than costs, if there is knowledge and skills that allow them to face them constructively and effective.

Target profiles

Professionals with at least two years of work experience, with a high motivation to strengthen their own abilities and skills to face challenges and achieve goals through leading negotiation processes in different areas of an organization and with different actors (customers, suppliers, teams of work, internal clients, shareholders, peers, subordinates, support areas, other organizations, communities).

Exit profile

Our alumni are characterized by being reflexive persons who are able to understand the problematic, context and actors of an organization, to negotiate in an strategic manner, optimizing resources and results within an ethic, creative and long-term relationship building perspective.


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