General Information

General Information

Why study Management at Uniandes?

The undergraduate degree in management is about much more than just business. It provides a set of opportunities where students will be able to explore their interests and strengthen their passions, to take courses in anything from arts and humanities to science and technology, while they learn –inside and outside the classroom– everything they need to be leaders that have a real and sustainable impact on decision-making in organizations.

What makes us different?

On the management degree students will learn to apply management theories to real-life problems, in and out of the classroom, through case studies, teamwork with real organizations, and even managerial simulations that enrich students’ learning about management. The program also allows students to strengthen their particular interests through different minors and double degree programs that they can take at Universidad de los Andes.

Key information

  1. Total number of students: 1571
  2. Average age of first-year students: 18 years
  3. Women: 43% Men: 57%
  4. Average age of all students: 21 years
  5. Students on double programs: 844-> Highest number at Uniandes
  6. Graduates: More than 4000
  7. 100% of the full-time professors teach on the Undergraduate Program in Management

Graduate profile

Our graduates are highly competent in their performance, in particular, thanks to their decision-making skills and their ethical commitment. As well as being able to lead different types of organizations, the graduates have a comprehensive vision that allows them to guide and direct processes in different national and international contexts.

Similarly, the entrepreneurial spirit of the graduate managers is reflected in their identification and use of business opportunities. This leadership materializes in the creation and development of their own companies. The multidisciplinary and flexible training provided at Uniandes develops a broad sense of reality, in an environment of excellence, respect, teamwork and tolerance. Managers that graduate from Uniandes are hired to work in different types of private, public and third-sector organizations, in which they occupy senior management positions.


The students’ capacity for analysis and interpretation, allows them to approach real-world situations comprehensively and much more correctly

Diana Catalina Gomez Piloneta
Graduated March 2015
Double program with economics

The main strength is a future-vision in terms of the management of applied technological innovation for decision-making and the development of organizational strategies

Fabián Camilo Gonzalez Caballero
Graduated March 2015
Double program with economics

The double program with design has given me new tools for my management career, allowing me to develop new skills related to marketing that will allow me to develop my own projects.

Carlos Javier Durango Caicedo
Graduated March 2015
Double program with design

Based on the understanding of the professional potential required at the University, social responsibility turns into a driving force for the development of any activity. Social responsibility, together with leadership, analysis skills and critical thinking are the strengths that lead to building a future vision.

Juan Pablo Velasco Martinez
Graduated March 2015

Candidate profile

  1. What you need to be successful on this program?

We seek students that are highly motivated to work as part of a team, that are proactive and diligent, passionate about turning their ideas into projects, and that have a strong desire to take advantage of the academic and extracurricular opportunities offered by the School of Management at Universidad de los Andes.

A candidate to the undergraduate program in management is someone who is interested in creating, planning, directing, executing and developing, as well as understanding any type of company or organization at any level. They also have the skills to motivate, mobilize, and lead people to reach organizational goals. They like to stay informed and analyze the world of organizations from different perspectives identifying new opportunities and proposing solutions to problems. 


Applying to study at Universidad de los Andes is easy and free.

Start by looking at the official page for applicants to Universidad de los Andes available here (in Spanish). Here you will find general information about Universidad de los Andes and all the requirements and links to help you begin the admission process.

All fees for enrollment on degree courses at Universidad de los Andes are available here (in Spanish).

Universidad de los Andes offers a number of alternatives to finance students’ tuition fees. For relevant information click here (in Spanish).

The Quiero Estudiar program offers to the best students the possibility to obtain scholarships for degree programs at Universidad de los Andes, details of the program can be found here (in Spanish).