Learning Goals

  1. Students will be upright and responsible professionals who contribute to the sustainable development of organizations.
  2. Students will have an intercultural perspective
  3. Students will be able to make decisions based on data analysis and their knowledge in Management
  4. Students will be effective team members.
  5. Students will be able to transform ideas into opportunities that create sustainable value
  6. Students will be effective communicators.

Graduation requirements for students of the Undergraduate program in Management:

  1. Foreign language requirements. Click here.
  2. International degree requirement
  3. Degree Final Project (ADMI 3200):

There are three Degree Final Project options available to management students:

  1. As research assistants for faculty:

How does it work? Before the end of the semester, the degree coordinator will send an email to all students with the professors’ research offers for the following semester. The students will be able to apply for a maximum of two options. Faculty will receive this application and carry out the selection process.

  1. The students can take the Degree Final Project course (ADMI 3200 sections 1 to 4), where they will propose a research project in the area of the course they are enrolled on (finance, strategy, management and marketing).
  2. The students will be able to take up to 4 courses from the Master of Science in Management (MScM), which is worth two compulsory electives on the degree program and the Degree Option. For more information about the MScM, click here.
  3. For the degree procedure, click here.

International student’s information:

We invite you to visit our Study Abroad Center website where you will find valuable information for your future experience at UASM here.