Course registration:

Important information before the registration process:

  1. Please visit the Admissiones and Registrar’s Office website for the full course offerings. Click here (in Spanish).
  2. Consider different schedule options, mandatory courses have high demand.

If you cannot register a mandatory course, please fill a Schedule Conflict System Request here. Take into account the following information.


Schedule Conflict System

Terms and conditions

You must accept the following before accesing:

Dear student: Universidad de Los Andes’ Schedule Conflict System (SCS) helps you manage your request for student places on the courses offered for the current academic period. Please bear in mind that the SCS does not replace the schedule that you have to register according to the allocated slot on BANNER. Consult the course offerings on the Admissions & Registrar’s Office Web page to verify the information of your request. Sending your request to the SCS does not guarantee enrolment on the course or section requested. Coordinators will only handle requests for scheduling conflicts submitted through the SCS. You can only make one request per CRN or section. The system does not allow duplicate requests. The solution to your request will depend on the availability of student places, and the coordinator may register you in another section that fits your timetable. Students are responsible for checking the state of their requests on the SCS and directly on BANNER. The SCS is available to receive student requests from the beginning of your allocated slot for course registration until the Wednesday of the first week of classes. Coordinators will answer to your requests until the Friday of the first week of classes.

Individual student support:

  1. Student requests’ will be handle personally only if they have a problem that cannot be solved through the Scheduling Conflict System.
  2. Every week, a mail will be sent informing students of the attention hours to help students with problems regarding their schedule conflict requests.
  3. Your appointment will never be ahead from the allocated request slot in the Schedule Conflict System.
  4. Academic records will not be reviewed.
  5. Students needing help to enroll on courses will be provided with help only if:
    1. They have completed the requisites to take the course
    2. There are student places available on the course
    3. They have made the request through the Schedule conflict System
    4. They come to their appointments with different timetable options and a plan to solve the schedule conflict.