Students on the undergraduate program in Management are provided the opportunity to have unique experiences. All the students can propose, develop, and participate in many student initiatives, activities with real organizations, and international activities.

School of Management Student Council (CEFA).

CEFA is the student council that represents the School of Management’s students. Its main goal is to develop projects that improve their well-being. It has an active role in the School’s decision-making bodies and it communicates directly with the direction of the undergraduate programs.

The projects currently developed and coordinated by CEFA are as follows:

  1. CEFA conference cycle: a series of conferences organized by students and for students with entrepreneurs and global business leaders on different topics including sustainability, entrepreneurship, internationalization, economics, etc.
  2. TedxLasAguas: TED is a nonprofit organization funded in 1984 that seeks to spread ideas through a series of short but powerful conferences which gather the world’s most important leaders, thinkers, and entrepreneurs to share experiences of topics they are passionate about. TEDx is a local event held annually under the official TED license. These events focus on individuals, innovation and the main problems of our society. TEDx events cover a main topic that varies every year and even though they are coordinated and planned independently, they are governed by official TED norms and license.
  3. Peter Drucker Cup: is the School of Management’s 5-a-side soccer tournament, which awards the highest prize of the whole University.
  4. Gloria Project: a cultural international student exchange project supported by students at St. Gallen University, Switzerland, in which 20 management students travel to Switzerland to have a full Swiss cultural experience while 20 students from St. Gallen come to Colombia. 
  5. Welcoming activities for first-year students: integration activities for the first-year students on the undergraduate program in management.
  6. The School of Management integration party: at the end of each semester.

The Reporter

The Reporter is the School of Management’s student newspaper, which was born of a CEFA student initiative and became independent thanks to its acceptance among students.

International competitions

Each semester, undergraduate students take part in competitions organized by companies, obtaining very good results. Such opportunities provide Universidad de los Andes students with a chance to experience university life beyond classrooms.

As such, they are able to propose, develop, and participate in:

  • The University’s research groups and projects.
  • Practice and competitions in 30 different sports (soccer, basketball, tennis, rugby, capoeira, martial arts, billiards, and contemporary dance, among others).
  • Artistic and cultural activities such as the University choir, theatre, short storytelling, and exhibitions.
  • Social responsibility projects through participation groups, social work and student activities.

Students can take advantage and enjoy the different services offered on campus such as the libraries, bookshop, gym, swimming pool, restaurants, cafeterias, study halls and cubicles, pitches and sports areas, leisure areas, among others. They also have a Dean of Student’s Office, which provides numerous activities for a comprehensive education including medical service, cultural center, advisory center and professional trajectory center.