Accounting career paths

Accounting career paths

The International accountant from Uniandes has a well-rounded education which provides them the skills to perform ethically and autonomously in different organizations, key positions and areas such as control, management and direction.

The Horizons 2025 Report issued by AICPA states high level accountancy professionals will be related with the following trends:

  • Financial reports process, strategic/corporative processes, risk management and sustainability.
  • Tax planning, assurance, compliance with legal, social and environmental obligations.
  • Internal and external audit, forensic and fraud detection processes in which accountant is recognized for their  objectivity and independence. 
  • Use, assessment and advising of financial information systems as well as the design and administration of those.

These trends allow them to perform several roles from leadership in processes, advising and consultancy.

The Uniandino international accountant is educated to start its own business in finance, taxation, auditing and consultancy in international accounting standards.

Likewise, the evolution of the accountancy profession must  capture emergent specialization opportunities throughout diversified services which need to be offered and delivered both locally and globally.  New horizons are envisioned towards the development and services to SMEs (small-medium enterprises), specialization in reports, support to corporate governance, assurance, fiscal sustainability, also finance and public sector among others.