General information

General information

The undergraduate program in accounting is designed based on international education standards set to the accountancy profession.

Those who choose international accounting belong to a new generation of accountants who:

  • Will change the perspectives of financial and non-financial information inside organizations.
  • Will comprehend how accountancy contributes to organizational sustainability in a global context, and goes further towards society improvement.

Uniandes' international accountants have an strategic understanding of business environment and use their ethics and leadership skills to perform better in business and to build trust in markets.

key information

Degree:  International Public Accountant

Mode of delivery:  7 semesters full time academic courses and 2 semesters full time work experience (internships) National registration code (SNIES): 104235

Approval resolution: 1840 (February 13/2015)- 7 years term validity

Academic opportunities: Double program simultaneously with another undergraduate at Uniandes Academic minors (More than 60 alternatives at Uniandes)

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The International Accountant from Uniandes contributes to the strategic and sustainable development of organizations with professional criteria integrating accountancy knowledge, skills, attitude and values ​​of the profession to meet the needs of financial and non-financial information in a global context.

The International Accountant from Uniandes has a comprehensive education that allows them to perform autonomously and ethically to make positive impacts on society.

Learning goalsarrow

· Students will be upright and responsible professionals who contribute to the development of sustainable organizations

· Students will propose organizational solutions based on their professional criteria, developing financial and non-financial information

· Students will have an intercultural perspective

· Students will be effective team members

· Students will be effective communicators

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    Phone: +57(1)3394949 ext. 2448
    Hours: Monday to Friday 8:00 a.m - 5:00 p.m.