“We will not survive if we don’t bring climate change under control”: Sir David King

November 12, 2015


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Sir David King, the UK Foreign Secretary’s Special Representative for Climate Change, blamed the fossil fuel industry for not investing enough on renewable energies. During a conference at Universidad de los Andes School of Management, King explained that Britain passed an act of Parlament to guarantee the price for renewable energy.

“By 2028 we will have reduced our emissions by 52%. And it’s not costing us as we go forward. The world is switching from fossil fuels,” he declared, pointing to a slide that showed how in 2014, more infrastructure for renewable energy was installed worldwide than for fossil fuel, reflecting a market that is already between 4 and 6 trillion dollars a year. “The message is get in and get a piece of that market.”

Of course, it’s a market that didn’t exist 15 years ago, but in the UK it’s already bigger than the car industry. The annual gross value equals the food and drinks industry. “In 10 years, the renewable energy industry will wipe out the fossil fuel industry because it is competitive”, he declared.

Sir David conducted a study recently that demonstrates the effects of global warming on cities such as Calcutta, Shanghai, New York and London. They will have a probability of 900 events per year threatening to destroy them and mayor urban assets would be lost. If the world’s industries continue on a business-as-usual basis, by 2050 we will have raised temperature to levels that would threaten the very existence of civilization.

“I don’t believe the planet can do it… we will not survive if we don’t bring climate change under control”, he said.
During his visit to Bogota, Sir David King met Colombian government officials, lawmakers and business leaders to discuss the importance and urgency of action to prevent dangerous climate change and the economic opportunities stemming from moving to low carbon economy.

Sir David King was appointed Special Representative for Climate Change in September 2013 and was previously the Government’s Chief Scientific Advisor from 2000 – 2007, during which time he raised awareness of the need for governments to act on climate change and was instrumental in creating the Energy Technologies Institute. He also served as the Founding Director of the Smith School of Enterprise and Environment at Oxford; was Head of the Department of Chemistry at Cambridge University 1993-2000 and Master of Downing College at Cambridge 1995 -2000.

Sir David has published over 500 papers on science and policy, for which he has received numerous awards, and holds 22 Honorary Degrees from universities around the world.


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