School of management research groups attain A1 classification from Colciencias

April 19, 2016


Published in General News

The School of Managementis proud that all of its research groups (History and Entrepreneurship, Finance and Financial Economics, Markets and Decisions, Organizational Studies, and Public Administration) have classified as A1 for the first time. This classification represents both opportunities and challenges for the future.

After the nationwide call from Colciencias to recognize and assess research groups and researchers from the fields of science, technology, and innovation in Colombia, the following preliminary resultswere announced on April 12: of the 188 groups submitted by the Universidad de los Andes, 25% were classified as A1, 12% as A, 3% were recognized as research groups,40% achieved either B, C,or D classification, and 20% were not recognized.

The evaluation of the groups considered factors such as intellectual production and its impact, the classification of the participating researchers, and how long each group has existed. The social appropriation of knowledge and activities related to building human talent were also reviewed.

Please visit this page to see the full ranking.


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