Awards for the School of Management Students from P&G and L’Oréal

August 23, 2016


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Each year, during the first semester, dozens of students of the School of Management take part in the P&G and L’Oréal competitions. 

This year Michael Suárez Steffens was the winner of P&G’s scholarship and the team composed of Sara Márquez Jaramillo, Manuela Plata Larsen and Isabella Nader Prada went to Paris and became finalist of L’Oréal’s Brandstorm2016.

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During lunch with our Dean offered in their honor, we got to chat with them about their experiences and which are the keys to success in this kind of competitions.

What is this competition about? What do you highlight from the whole experience?


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Why should others consider competing in this kind of challenges?

Sara: Being at college isn’t just about taking courses. To me, L’Oréal´s competition has been the best experience that I´ve had in Universidad de los Andes School of Management. Besides that, if you make an effort, believe that you are able to win the competition and work hard during the semester you end up having an experience that not so many people can say they have been through.Very few people can say that they went to Paris because they were winners of L’Oréal’s Brandstorm. You have to go beyond the classroom and head out to gain experience from the real world.

Michael: The whole process has been a learning experience. Each time you pass a stage of the process you discover things about yourself. The mere fact of applying to a kind of competition like this implies challenging yourself and saying: “I can do this, I want to do this and I’m capable of getting into a top company like this. A place well known for holding a spectacular human capital”. It has been a fruitful and interesting experience.

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The three keys to success in Sara’s words:

  1. Have passion. Passion for marketing, for innovation, for what you do. If there’s a moment of doubtabout winning or not, you won’t achieve it.
  2. Persevere. You’ve got to work hard until the end, every night, no matter the workload.
  3. Assume the sacrifice. You’ve got to be willing to not having a rest and to not put aside the other aspects of your life while reaching your goal.

The three keys to success in Michael’s words:

  1. You´ve got to have a full set of skills: You have to be a good student, but besides that you need to have passion. You have to be someone who recognizes that study is a part of life, but you don’t live to work and study.  You’ve got to take the most from all your life experiences.
  2. Dream big!
  3. Assume each day as a different challenge.

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