September 6, 2017


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Stellenbosch University in international Week

Nine MBA students from Stellenbosch University visited Uniandes School of Management as part of the International Week Program. During their stay, the group attended to several classes to learn more about Colombia and the opportunities of trade and invest in the country.

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One of the classes was teach by Samira Alkhatib Hernández, Metalmechanich and other industries leader of Procolombia. She explained them about the current economic situation of the country and the opportunities of investment.

Alkhatib assured that "hopefully in the future South Africa and Colombia would have a stronger comercial relationship for the benefit of both countries".

Ricardo Abrahams, one of the students, highlighted that this kind of journeys helps them to see the similarities between both countries and to take a look of the reality of Colombia. For Chesa Gift the opportunity of traveling to Colombia can help them to open their minds and perspective.

Thanks to the experience during their International week, the students of Stellenbosch University went back home with the idea of doing business with Colombia and other countries in the region.

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