How a formation in Management has helped you in your career as an artist?

June 26, 2019


Published in Noticias OEDP

By María Barajas, Undergraduate Program in Management

When you choose to be an artist as a career, it's like starting your own business. Only this time you are the product. Therefore, you must create your own brand, identify your target and make a strategy to position yourself in the industry.

But, how can I put it in these terms?

Management gave me tools to understand the artistic business and build my career as an actress. Since I was a child, I had the dream to dance, sing and act. When we grow up, we must decide what to study and choose, whether to continue with the dream or to go a safer direction. I always wanted to study Performing Arts in the United States, however, after graduating from high school it was not possible, so I decided to study Management because I thought it was a career that could help me with what I would like to do in life. Similarly, it was not easy because it was not what I dreamed of doing, so meanwhile I decided to take musical theater classes at Misi to train as an artist while completing my university studies. After graduating from Management at Universidad de los Andes School of Management (UASM), I was accepted into the American Academy of Dramatic Arts and undertook my trip to the United States to fulfill my dreams.

After graduating from acting, I worked as an actress in Los Angeles. I can say that it is a challenge, the fact of having to decipher everything by yourself and start building your own professional career from scratch. But the administration has helped me, by giving me essential tools, which have allowed me to build achievements from them. Management really gives you a mental outline, an order, it makes me think about where I am and what I need to do to get to where I want to be. It helps me to manage my finances and it gave me tools to be able to sign contracts, write work emails, negotiate and research, write important documents and make strategic decisions. Sometimes we take small details for granted but in the end they make a difference. On the subject of marketing, I knew that I should build my brand in order to generate recognition, value, credibility, confidence and attract talent that would like to work with me. All the above I could understand and practice more easily, for everything I learned in college.

I currently do not have representation, I consider myself my own manager, the administrator of my own company. I have taken care of getting my own opportunities and putting me out there. But, sometimes it feels like I have not done much, but when I look back I am surprised by everything I have achieved for myself and it motivates me to continue on this long journey. I have had the opportunity to work in commercials for big brands such as: Nordstrom, HBO, Motorola, FitOn and Peugeot; I have made several short films and I have been part of music videos of great artists like Ariana Grande, Slipknot and Animé. For which I can say it is possible to live doing what you dream.

How I did it? I have created a portfolio of my work that represents my brand. I have learned to apply to jobs that I know are ideal for my abilities and my brand. I keep preparing myself as an artist to keep the practice and confidence active and I go to the auditions with the mentality of looking to serve others in their project and not with expectation or need to obtain the role. Passion and dedication are fundamental in an industry where you will be rejected many times, which forces you to be mentally stronger and challenges you to see if it is what you really want to do as a professional career. Of course, I’m still learning, and it takes time, there are definitely many more things that I must accomplish and build. But I believe that in such a short time I was able to advance thanks to the previous training I got in Misi, AADA and UASM and of course for the unconditional support of my family, friends and teachers.

Finally, to anyone who wants to pursue their dreams, I just want to say that there will always be a thousand ways to reach the same goal, the road may be longer or shorter, and we will surely despair, but the important thing is to keep going and work out how to contribute to that dream, because everything we learn will always be useful in the future. Don’t give up, there are opportunities out there waiting for you!


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